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New Birth Announcement - Congratulations to Jessica and Jonathan

Jessica Jonathan BA

When Jessica and Jonathan got THE call, they had only been with Everlasting for 6 short months. There was a birth mom named Lucia who was interested in getting to know them and from that point on, an extremely unique and special connection began. With both Jessica and Jonathan and their birth mom being just a few hours away from each other and in the same state, they had the extraordinary opportunity to develop a deep relationship with Lucia. Not only were they able to get to know Lucia on so many different levels, they were able to get to know her little boy as well. They enjoyed many outings together. From golfing and swimming to apple picking and magic shows, there was never a lack of laughter and smiles when they were around each other! They of course made sure to gather for meals, eating everyone’s favorite foods! Lucia, Jessica and Jonathan spent so much time also getting to know the precious baby boy that was kicking away in her belly. They even went to ultrasounds together. Boy did they get the surprise of their life when at one ultrasound they were told the baby was a girl and then later found out it was a boy!  

This time together allowed them to share so much about their lives and provided love and support that went much farther than their adoption. Knowing that having an open adoption was crucial to Lucia’s adoption plan, being able to spend so much time together allowed them to learn so much about each other and build a strong foundation for their future.

It is not unusual to face some challenges in an adoption plan and this was no exception, but one thing was certain, there was so much love and compassion surrounding this connection. Lucia was induced on August 2nd and just hours after being admitted, around 3pm, she delivered a beautiful baby boy. Briceton Noah weighed 7lbs 2oz and had a head full of gorgeous dark hair! When confronted with the reality that this sweet boy was here, Lucia struggled to say good bye. She had decided that parenting was the right decision and said goodbye to Jonathan and Jessica. Jessica and Jonathan were devastated, but honored Lucia’s change of heart. They were shocked when she called and said she had changed her mind again and would like to place him with them. They were elated and moved forward with their adoption plan full force.

 Connections like this are unique and not always does an adoptive family get to know their birth mother so well. We know this was not easy and at some points it felt like things would not ever work out, but the strength of the relationship that was built persevered through it all. We commend Lucia and applaud her strength and courage to make the decision she felt in her heart was right for her son. Jessica and Jonathan never gave up hope even when people told them things might not work out. Miracles happen every day, and Briceton, your momma is right. You are a lot of miracle in such a little boy.

Julie and Mike Finalize Their Adoption

finalization wests

Congratulations to Julie and Mike for finalizing their adoption to daughter, Natalee! They welcomed Natalee into the world on January 23rd. Over the last six months, Natalee has brought immense joy to their lives and they are ecstatic to have their adoption finalized. Adoption often accompanies a long road of emotional ups and downs and waiting, but the journey can end with the most rewarding gift; the gift of a child. 

New Birth Announcement - Congratulations to Samantha and Jeremy

ORiley BA

Samantha and Jeremy made the decision to join the Everlasting Family in May of 2016. They were both overjoyed when in March a birth mom named Crystal was interested in getting to know them. While we always hope for the smoothest connection possible, there can often be hiccups and road bumps and this connection was no exception. With love and guidance, we all waited together alongside Samantha and Jeremy and weathered the storms that occurred. Emotions and tensions ran high from time to time, but none of that mattered when they got the call that Crystal was in labor. The fear and uncertainty seemed miles away when Samantha and Jeremy laid eyes on their son for the very first time. On July 17th, a bouncing baby boy, Nathan Edward, entered the world. Life for Samantha and Jeremy would never be the same! We admire the patience and strength that Jeremy and Samantha possessed. Nathan has completed their family and our hearts could not be fuller for them. We have the deepest respect and gratitude for birth mom Crystal for allowing us to stand by her side and connect her with Samantha and Jeremy. Happy Birthday, Nathan! You are one perfect little boy!

Happy 1st Birthday Mikaiah

Kline Family Update 1

Kline Family Update 2

Joe and Kourtney were blessed to welcome Mikaiah into their family a year ago and it has been an amazing journey ever since. Happy Birthday sweet boy.

We are all doing amazing and our sweet Mikaiah is the love of our lives.  He brought so much to our family and it’s been amazing having him. He is probably one of the sweetest babies I’ve ever come across.  You can probably tell from his pictures how joyful he is!! Such a blessing to us. We really are so appreciative for everything you all did. Thanks, Kourtney

Get to Know Our Waiting Families

Waiting Families

All of our waiting families have a unique story to tell, but the one thing they all have in common is their desire to love and welcome a new baby into their homes and hearts. Follow us on Pinterest and ISSUU to get to know all of our waiting families.

Thank You From Amber and Jeremy

Winden SS

Jeremy and I had tried to grow our family biologically for 6 years with no success. We realized all we really wanted was to just be parents to our own little person; biology didn't matter. Since none of our efforts worked, we began wondering if God had a different, extra special plan in mind for our lives involving the miracle of adoption instead. We of all people struggled with believing this was going to work for us. We doubted, we worried, we trusted God and we doubted again. On May 31st, our little blessing Canaan Reign was born only 8 months after signing on with Everlasting Adoptions!

Everlasting Adoptions was exactly what we needed in an agency. Being someone who needs a lot of support and encouragement during times like these, they were so amazingly equipped and empathetic throughout the entire process. We were pleasantly surprised many times by how compassionate and sweet they were. There were a few times I thought I shouldn't bother them, but I took them up on the offer to "call for anything" and was so relieved I did. They speak truth and encouragement to you in a way that just works. Pay close attention to any negative reviews you may come across, as they seem completely one-sided. I had no doubts we were choosing the right agency after speaking with Carol. She is genuine and really gets the whole adoption roller coaster and is great at her job! Our birth mom even told us how respected she felt by Everlasting and how kind they were to her when all she'd experienced was judgement and criticism by other agencies.

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