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Birth Mom Brittany Shares Her Experience

BM Brittany

Brittany reached out to Everlasting in August of 2016 when she found out that she was pregnant. Brittany has had experience with adoption before and we treasure the opportunity to help her work through an adoption plan when she was faced with the difficult decision once again. She did not feel like she had the stability to parent a child and yearned to find a family that could provide that love and consistency she desired for her baby. 
Brittany connected with adoptive parents Kristina and Robert. She felt drawn to them because of the security she felt they could provide. She loved that Robert has a great job and that Kristina is a stay at home mom. The icing on the cake was the fact that her baby would have a big brother! When asked about her experience with her adoptive family, Brittany used one word: AMAZING! She said it takes her breath away to interact with them. They still talk regularly! 
Brittany said that she was immediately drawn to our variety of families that she could choose from. Her experience with our director, Carol, an adoptive mom herself, was wonderful. Brittany felt supported and that her needs were always listened to. Carol provided constant love, attention and was always overjoyed and happy to hear from Brittany. 
If Brittany could offer once piece of advice to a birth mom considering adoption or presently working through the process, it would be, "Keep positive. Ask questions. Get to know your family and be honest and up front about everything." 
We are grateful to Brittany for sharing her experience with her adoptive family. To have supported her along her journey, providing strength and love, was an honor and a privilege for everyone at Everlasting. We wish her and her adoptive family nothing but love. Thank you, Brittany! 

Birth Mom Jennifer Shares Her Experience

BM Jessica

When Jennifer and her husband found out they were pregnant with their 5th child they knew in their hearts they could not keep her. As much as they desperately wanted to, they already had 4 beautiful children under the age of 8 and they felt it wasn't fair to any of their children to parent a 5th child. They felt adoption was the best chance to give all of their children the lives they deserved. Jennifer contacted Everlasting in August of 2016. Our director, Carol, shared her personal experience of adopting their son with Jennifer. This sharing instantly connected Jennifer with Carol, and reassured her that her experience was personally important to not only Carol, but everyone at Everlasting.

Carol helped Jennifer find the adoptive couple that was the right fit for her family. Jennifer said that she met Scott and Kirsten for the first time over dinner, and after that, they texted almost everyday. When it was time for delivery, they all rode to the hospital together! Jennifer delivered baby Tuesday Elise on February 7, 2017. Scott and Kirsten stayed in the hospital with Tuesday where they also spent their downtime with Jennifer hanging out and chatting.

Jennifer and her family have such a special relationship with Scott and Kirsten. They talk on a regular basis. They exchange updates monthly. Jennifer and her husband get pictures and updates on Tuesday Elise, and they send pictures and updates back on her siblings! Jennifer said that since their personalities are so similar, they would be best friends if they didn't live in different states!

When asked about her experience with Everlasting, Jennifer said it was great. She stated that anytime she ever had a question, the response was almost instant, and she never felt like she was bothering anyone even if the text or email was in the middle of the night. Jennifer said Carol was amazing!

If Jennifer could share one piece of advice with a birth mom wrestling with the decision to have an adoption plan or for a birth mom currently going through one, it would be to remember, no matter how hard it is, you're doing the best for your little one. She encourages fellow birth moms to not let anyone make you feel like you're not! She said that birth moms should also make sure they click with the family they choose and be open and work out details in the beginning; that way everyone knows if they want different things.

Jennifer says, "This was the hardest decision of my life but having the right couple made it a lot easier than it would have been."

We are grateful to Jennifer and her husband not only for their selfless act of love and the blessing she has given adoptive parents, Scott and Kirsten, but for Jennifer's willingness to share her story for other birth moms. It is our greatest joy at Everlasting to be part of this newly created family! We wish nothing but the best to Jennifer and her family!

New Birth Announcement - Congratulations to Shawn and Lindsey

BA ShawnLindsey

BA ShawnLindsey 2

BA ShawnLindsey 3

Shawn and Lindsey had always dreamed of having a beautiful daughter. They joined the Everlasting family in October of 2014 in the hopes of making that dream come true. On February 17th, they got the phone call of a lifetime! Birth mom Brandis, who had a journey of it's own ups and downs, was looking to place her baby girl and she had chosen them! Their dreams were finally coming true.  They called their birth parents and connected on the phone and it felt like the match that was meant to be. Shawn and Lindsey persevered through a long wait to get THE call but we think every moment was worth it when they met their baby girl, Emma Grace, and their birth mom, Brandis, for the first time. 

In true princess fashion, Emma made quite an entrance. She decided she could not wait to meet her mom and dad! She arrived 11 days before her due date, healthy and happy, on February 26th, weighing in at almost 9 pounds! We know how difficult the wait must have been but we are so grateful that Shawn and Lindsey persevered and remained patient. We are certain the timing all makes sense now. Emma is everything they could have dreamed for and more! She was truly worth the wait!! We are eternally grateful to Emma's birth mom, Brandis for returning to Everlasting when she  knew that adoption was the right choice for her again. This has been a journey full of challenges and twists and turns. We are blessed and honored to have been a part of everyone's new beginning. Happy Birthday, Emma and much love to Shawn, Lindsey and birth mom Brandis!

New Birth Announcement - Congratulations to Amy and Gustav

BA Kenzo

We are beyond thrilled to announce the birth of Amy and Gustav’s beautiful son, Kenzo! He was born February 28th at 5:46 in the morning with a full head of hair! We think that is a pretty amazing way to start the day! Amy and Gustav could not wait to meet their little Kenzo, which is a Japanese name meaning, “strong and healthy”. They joined our Everlasting Family in November of 2015 and just nine months later, on August 23rd, 2016, they were matched with their birth mom. They spent the next 6 months of her pregnancy getting to know her and building their relationship with her. While their journey had its ups and downs, it was worth every hurdle when they met their sweet and perfect baby boy. Amy said life has been crazy since his birth but in an absolutely wonderful way. We are grateful to Kenzo’s birth mom for making the impossibly difficult decision to have an adoption plan. We feel very blessed to have been a part of Amy, Gustav, and Kenzo’s journey. We wish you all love, peace and happiness as you continue on your paths! Congratulations and Happy Birthday, baby boy!!

New Birth Announcement - Congratulations to Scott and Kirsten

KristenScott 2



Scott and Kirsten's little miracle, named Tuesday Elise, came to them after 37 months of never losing hope.  Yes, there were times when we had to help them hold on tight, not give up, and hang in there!  She came into this world on February 7, 2017, and changed Scott and Kirsten's lives forever!  Everlasting Adoptions accepted Scott and Kristen into our family of waiting parents in January of 2014.  Their wait was getting more and more challenging for them, as it does for many prospective adoptive parents.  But in August of 2016, the birthparents that were meant to be theirs, connected with them.  In October, they traveled from Pennsylvania to Missouri to meet face to face.  The visit was a success! Their relationship continued with ultrasound picture sharing, good conversation back and forth, and positive signs that this was meant-to-be.  On February 7, 2017, Tuesday Elise was born; their dream came true!
We are grateful for Tuesday's birthparents for reaching out to us and ultimately giving the gift of life.  There is no greater sacrifice!  We are grateful to Scott and Kirsten for allowing us the opportunity to assist them in making their dream come true.   Thank You All! 

Join Everlasting Adoptions at CAFFA


Wheaton College 
501 College Ave 
Wheaton, IL 60187

CAFFA is pleased to announce our 23rd full-day conference! This is not only a unique opportunity to gather a lot of great information and resources under one roof, but a chance to network within the Adoptive Community.

Our event will feature a full day of workshops and opportunities to meet professionals in the adoption industry. We hope you will attend this not-to-be missed event, as it is only offered once every 2 years.

We hope to see you there!

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