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New Birth Announcement - Congratulations to Amber and Jeremy

Amber Jeremy Baby

When Amber and Jeremy married, they knew they were ready to grow their family and have a baby. Amber spent much of her young adult life baby sitting and dreamed of becoming a mother from a young age. Her passion to be a mother only flourished as a nanny. As they tried to have a child, they faced many roadblocks and challenges. They both were diagnosed with infertility but continued to fight and exhaust every option available to them. It was during this time Amber realized the only thing she wanted was to be a mommy. It was in that moment they decided to pursue adoption.

This decision left them with great peace. With their families support behind them, Amber and Jeremy decided to work with Everlasting in September of 2016. While the wait felt agonizing, it was not long before Amber and Jeremy reached out to us about a potential but challenging birth mom situation they were presented with in May.  Amber initially communicated with birth mom, Katy, and she just KNEW in her heart that this was their birthmom and their baby. Amber and Jeremy continued to get to know Katy and felt bonded and connected from the start. Their hearts constantly felt love and gratefulness for not only their birthmom but their genuine connection. Less than a month after they connected, and only 10 months after deciding to enlist Everlasting’s help, Amber and Jeremy welcomed their baby boy, Canaan Reign, to the world on May 31st. Canaan was 20 ¾ inches and weighed 7lbs 11oz. We know that battling infertility combatted how difficult the wait was, but we are certain that every moment was worth it. Congratulations from everyone at Everlasting to Amber & Jeremy on your amazing little boy. Canaan is beautiful, strong and as his name means, he is truly the promised land.

New Birth Announcement - Congratulations to Veronica and Carlos

BA Garcia

When Veronica and Carlos joined the Everlasting family in June of 2016, I don't think they realized just how quickly their lives would change! Veronica and Carlos always dreamed of having a son. When they got the call March 1st that birth mom Liz was interested in getting to know them, they couldn't believe it! 
This connection was serendipitous. Veronica and Carlos had just painted their nursery two weeks prior to their first contact with Liz! Liz battled with constant uncertainty about her decision to place her baby for adoption. Veronica and Carlos entered into this connection knowing that she may change her mind but pressed forward building a relationship based on complete transparency and openness with Liz. They consistently and honestly supported Liz's deep reflection on her decision. 
As their relationship developed and they got to know one another, Liz felt more confident that she was making the best decision possible for her and her baby boy. On March 17th around 9 am at 7 lbs 10oz and 2 weeks before his due date, Logan came into this world! Liz spent some private time with Logan before deciding to move forward. 
Veronica and Carlos got the call that he was here and made their way to not only meet their son but spend time with their birth mom as well! Logan was welcomed into a huge family full of love and longing! We are so grateful to have been a part of this connection. It was amazing to see this relationship grow feel the constant love and support Veronica and Carlos had for their birth mom, even though there was some uncertainty. Thank you to Liz for her honesty and openness through her own journey. Veronica and Carlos, we are so happy for you! Happy Birthday, Logan!

New Birth Announcement - Congratulations to Keith and Liz

BA KeithLiz

Keith and Liz joined the Everlasting family in November of 2014. They already had two wonderful sons but yearned to add to their family. Their adoption journey was filled with ups and downs as many journeys are. There were many times they questioned their path as connections failed. In August of 2016 they were connected with their birth mom Janis and while her due date was a bit far off, everything started to fall into place. 
They spent the next 7 months getting to know each other and building a solid foundation for a loving relationship. They comforted Janis through many ups and downs in her own journey. In October Keith, Liz and big brothers found out they were expecting a little baby girl! With excitement and full hearts they anxiously awaited her arrival. 
Sweet baby Katharine was born on March 9th! We couldn't be happier for Keith, Liz and Katharine's big brothers! Adoption can be a scary road full of uncertainty but we cherish the opportunity to not only have helped grow their family but comforted and supported them through their journey as well. We are forever grateful to birth mom Janis for her love not only for Katharine but Keith and Liz as well. We look forward to watching this newly created family grow and the many adventures life will continue throw everyone's way! Congratulations Keith and Liz! Thank you, Janis! Happy Birthday, Katharine Jane! 

New Birth Announcement - Congratulations to Shawn and Lindsey

BA ShawnLindsey

BA ShawnLindsey 2

BA ShawnLindsey 3

Shawn and Lindsey had always dreamed of having a beautiful daughter. They joined the Everlasting family in October of 2014 in the hopes of making that dream come true. On February 17th, they got the phone call of a lifetime! Birth mom Brandis, who had a journey of it's own ups and downs, was looking to place her baby girl and she had chosen them! Their dreams were finally coming true.  They called their birth parents and connected on the phone and it felt like the match that was meant to be. Shawn and Lindsey persevered through a long wait to get THE call but we think every moment was worth it when they met their baby girl, Emma Grace, and their birth mom, Brandis, for the first time. 

In true princess fashion, Emma made quite an entrance. She decided she could not wait to meet her mom and dad! She arrived 11 days before her due date, healthy and happy, on February 26th, weighing in at almost 9 pounds! We know how difficult the wait must have been but we are so grateful that Shawn and Lindsey persevered and remained patient. We are certain the timing all makes sense now. Emma is everything they could have dreamed for and more! She was truly worth the wait!! We are eternally grateful to Emma's birth mom, Brandis for returning to Everlasting when she  knew that adoption was the right choice for her again. This has been a journey full of challenges and twists and turns. We are blessed and honored to have been a part of everyone's new beginning. Happy Birthday, Emma and much love to Shawn, Lindsey and birth mom Brandis!

New Birth Announcement - Congratulations to Amy and Gustav

BA Kenzo

We are beyond thrilled to announce the birth of Amy and Gustav’s beautiful son, Kenzo! He was born February 28th at 5:46 in the morning with a full head of hair! We think that is a pretty amazing way to start the day! Amy and Gustav could not wait to meet their little Kenzo, which is a Japanese name meaning, “strong and healthy”. They joined our Everlasting Family in November of 2015 and just nine months later, on August 23rd, 2016, they were matched with their birth mom. They spent the next 6 months of her pregnancy getting to know her and building their relationship with her. While their journey had its ups and downs, it was worth every hurdle when they met their sweet and perfect baby boy. Amy said life has been crazy since his birth but in an absolutely wonderful way. We are grateful to Kenzo’s birth mom for making the impossibly difficult decision to have an adoption plan. We feel very blessed to have been a part of Amy, Gustav, and Kenzo’s journey. We wish you all love, peace and happiness as you continue on your paths! Congratulations and Happy Birthday, baby boy!!

New Birth Announcement - Congratulations to Scott and Kirsten

KristenScott 2



Scott and Kirsten's little miracle, named Tuesday Elise, came to them after 37 months of never losing hope.  Yes, there were times when we had to help them hold on tight, not give up, and hang in there!  She came into this world on February 7, 2017, and changed Scott and Kirsten's lives forever!  Everlasting Adoptions accepted Scott and Kristen into our family of waiting parents in January of 2014.  Their wait was getting more and more challenging for them, as it does for many prospective adoptive parents.  But in August of 2016, the birthparents that were meant to be theirs, connected with them.  In October, they traveled from Pennsylvania to Missouri to meet face to face.  The visit was a success! Their relationship continued with ultrasound picture sharing, good conversation back and forth, and positive signs that this was meant-to-be.  On February 7, 2017, Tuesday Elise was born; their dream came true!
We are grateful for Tuesday's birthparents for reaching out to us and ultimately giving the gift of life.  There is no greater sacrifice!  We are grateful to Scott and Kirsten for allowing us the opportunity to assist them in making their dream come true.   Thank You All! 
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