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Brandy & Adam

Brandy & Adam

Race of child interested in adopting:Caucasian, Caucasian/Hispanic, European, Eastern European/Slavic/Russian, Mediterranean

Gender of child interested in adopting:No Preference

Dear Birthmother,

We can’t even begin to imagine the overload of emotions and things running through your mind right now (and possibly strange cravings). We realize the importance of this decision for you and would like to do whatever we can to allay your fears and doubts. We would also like to thank you- thank you for taking the time to look through our profile and consider us for your child’s parents. While we may not be perfect, we are dedicated to raising a loving, healthy and happy family. We have worked very hard and fought many battles to get us to a place that we would consider ourselves to be awesome would-be parents. We can give you our assurance that your child will never want for anything; he or she will have an abundance of everything a child could need and want (especially love and appreciation). We do however plan on teaching him or her the value of respect- for themselves and others. We both prize education and fun. Travel, exploration, kindness and consideration are what we live by. Hard work, and the ability to earn one’s desires is what we plan on teaching them, so that when they are ready to face adulthood, they have the necessary skills to be successful in life. We understand that though it could be one of our happiest moments to blessed with a child, that it could be one of the hardest moments for you. So, we send you our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time, and understand that you must make whichever decision is right for you. Without judgment, we hope for all the best for you- thank you!


Brandy & Adam

About Us

Adam and Brandy meet in Las Vegas 2002 and have been together since! Married in 2011, they quickly started on a family of their own. Five years later, and four attempts at Invitro fertilization, they decided that they would love to open up their home and hearts to an adopted child. We have done well for ourselves- become the king and queen of our own empire, but have something missing- a prince or princess to share it with. Adam was originally from Chicago and Brandy from San Diego, but they have made Las Vegas their home. Surrounded by many family and friends, this couple decided it was the perfect ‘Village’ to help raise their child. Both the love and support of family and friends as well as the love they have for each other has been strong driving influences in the decision to start a family. Both Adam and Brandy have built their castle and set up their empire to making it the most ideal place for any prince or princess to grow. They also often refer to themselves as the king and queen of geeks & nerds. As a couple and as individuals- they celebrate being unique, expressing unlimited imagination in their hobbies and traditions. A love of science and science fiction runs strong with them. Both lead very active and adventurous lives. They believe in working hard and playing hard. They encourage creativity and learning and often are involved in activities that are rich in both such as: Dungeon & dragons, comicons- cosplay, martial arts, arts and crafts, entertainment, video games, swimming, hiking, dance, festivals, pets, and family outings.

Our Home

We have a very large home in a nice gated community close to many schools and nestled between two churches. Currently we are the only humans in the house as we do share our house with our beloved pets. We have two rooms upstairs ready for our adoptive children (green room and orange room). Each of these rooms are on the second floor with double doors to their own balcony with a nice view of fireworks and the Las Vegas strip. We have another guest master bedroom downstairs as well, the sage room. Every bedroom in the house has its own walk in closet and own full bath as well as patio or balcony. Upstairs is a huge master bedroom as well as our loft which has been converted to our computer/gaming room and our herpetology enclosure room. Downstairs we have two living rooms, and entertainment room, a super fun kitchen and a play room that has old fashion arcade games and a foos-ball table. We also have a very nicely landscaped yard, with lots of lush grass to play on, a huge fenced backyard with a pool and two Jacuzzis (in ground and above ground). Swimming lessons will be a necessity! We build many flagstone pathways to lawn chairs and sitting tables under trees, and well as a fire pit for making smores on cold nights. We also have garden boxes where we grow some of our own food. We hold many BBQs, and family and work get togethers, including luaus, and bouncy house rentals for the kids. There is a high-tech security system to include cameras and armed response to keep us safe (and 3 dogs that love their humans). In our garage, we have an arts and crafts station and workshop, as well as Adams Trike (Harley Davidson). We know all our neighbors and there are only 14 families that live in our community. We are close to hospital, police station, freeways, and shopping centers. We are only about 5 miles from the Las Vegas strip. There is a middle school and high school about a block away from our house. We try our best to also be proactive in taking care of our environment; solar panels, tesla electric car, homegrown food, and a recycling program. While my parents and step dad live in California, Adams dad and step mom, and mother live only a few miles away. Adam has many aunts and cousins that also live nearby and are eager to help us welcome our new family member. I have several best friends, with and without kids, that are also willing to help make our child’s life a special one.

Our Extended Family

Our family has been a huge support to us and we love them deeply. After many discussions, our family cannot wait to help welcome in a new member! Our friends, many whom are as close as family is, share in our excitement and desire to welcome a new member. Our siblings have been instrumental in their support as well and will continue to be a very present and positive force in our lives. (I have one little sister and Adam has 3 little brothers). Our parents and step parent have also been waiting and hoping for a grandchild- and this will be their first and probably only grandchild. (our sibling do not plan on having children). I know we will both need all the help we can get, and lucky for us – we have a strong and very willing support system to give all the love and care our child could ever need.

Our Family Traditions

We have many fun and exciting traditions! Halloween of course, Dressing up, running our own haunted houses, and visiting other haunted houses (every year we go to Fright dome in Las Vegas, and Knott’s Scary farm & Universal horror nights in California with a large group of friends and family). We also like visiting haunted & historical establishments (Queen Mary, Calico, Body, Jerome, Tombstone, Whaley house just to name a few) when we are in a new city or town. We go to Sedona and regular basis to unwind and enjoy nature. We also take a yearly trip to Mission Bay in California with several friends and family members in the summer and stay at the Catamaran resort (always bring his mom Michelle). When I visit my father, it is tradition to eat at one of his favorite restaurants in his hometown. When I visit my sister, it is tradition to walk her dogs on the marina and enjoy a cocktail and meal at the local Charter house. My sister and I explore a new city at least once a year- particular cuisine and nature (Big Bear CA, Portland Oregon, Anaheim CA, Temecula wine country CA, Cave Junction OR, San Diego CA, we are planning for Seattle WA to be our next adventure!) I also go to certain conventions every year- Star trek, Supernatural, Wizard world, Comicon, FanCon Salt lake City- and dress up & cosplay at them when possible (my best friend Ralaya and her daughter Ayana usually come with us on all of these as well). Ralaya and her daughters and have many festivals that we go to together every year- local Greek food festivals, renaissance festival and any comicons that come to Vegas, as well as Supernatural and star trek conventions).

WE usually also co host a Christmas party for the hospital staff at one of our bars ( provide bartender, photo booth, dance floor, food and drink!). I have outings with my other best friend Stephanie, whose children Jacob (1yr) and Abby (3yr) are my god children to Sedona every other year, the San Generro fair, as well as local Music and art festivals every year. We have a booth at Pirate festival and make it a huge affair- friends, family and employees join in the fun (we do this about every other year). We have fourth of July fireworks at Adams cousins house (with her kids and Adams aunts and uncles) every year. We also host a Laua every year for all family of Palomino employees, our friends and family- usually on Adams birthday in June ( live band, bouncy blow up slides and tents, pool, BBQ, authentic Hawaiian food- big event usually around 50-100 people at our house). For Thanksgiving, we have Dinner at his moms house with just us and his brother- Mom makes her special slow cooked meat stew on top of traditional thanksgiving dishes. For Christmas Eve we have a tradition 7 fishes dinner at his Dads house, whom all friends and family is welcome to (usually a big deal with about 20-30 people). We also go to WWE live in Las Vegas about every other year with certain friends that are fans as well. I have also recently made it a tradition to try and visit a foreign country every other year. We hope to make new traditions centered around our new child to make sure know they are welcomed and loved!

What Led Us To Adoption

After years of trying to have biological children, including 4 attempts at IVF, my wife and I have decided to complete our family in another way. We have worked hard to create a loving home, with everything a child could want and need. Now we are looking for that special gift to make us whole.

Facts About Brandy

  • Occupation: Registered Nurse
  • Religion: Spiritual
  • Education: BS Biology, BS Nursing
  • Favorite Food: Cheese
  • Favorite Hobby: Animals
  • Favorite Movie: The Hobbit
  • Favorite Sport: None
  • Favorite Holiday: Halloween
  • Favorite Music Group: Too many to mention
  • Favorite TV Show: Grimm
  • Favorite Book: The Sword of Shanara
  • Favorite Subject in School: Anatomy & Physiology
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Mayan Riviera

Facts About Adam

  • Occupation: Club Owner
  • Religion: Spiritual
  • Education: Some College
  • Favorite Food: Steak
  • Favorite Hobby: Martial Arts
  • Favorite Movie: Star Wars
  • Favorite Sport: MMA
  • Favorite Holiday: Halloween
  • Favorite Music Group: Oingo Boingo
  • Favorite TV Show: Sherlock
  • Favorite Book: The Hobbit
  • Favorite Subject in School: Science
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: San Diego
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