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Christy & Adam

Christy & Adam

Race of child interested in adopting:No Preference

Gender of child interested in adopting:No Preference

Dear Birthmother,

We are Adam and Christy and we want to thank you for taking the time to view our profile. We are thankful for your selfless decision to consider placing your child for adoption. Without the selflessness of a birthmother like yourself, we wouldn’t have the biggest blessing in our life – our sweet son, John. We know that you are going through so much right now – mentally, physically, and spiritually – and that you are not making this decision lightly. We are incredibly grateful for your consideration of us as potential adoptive parents and big brother for your child. We have been married for over 15 years. We started trying to have children in 2008. We never expected that we would have fertility problems. After going through fertility testing and treatments on and off for six years, we made the decision to pursue adoption. In 2014, we were blessed to have a birthmother choose us as the adoptive parents for her child. We now have one handsome, funny, happy little boy. We are so grateful for John and for his birthmother. We would love to have another son or daughter and we are sure that John would love a little brother or sister! Adam & Christy

About Us

We met in July 2000 at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, during cadet military training. Adam was a Senior at Oregon State University, majoring in Geography, and Christy was a Junior at Brigham Young University…also majoring in Geography. A lovely series of coincidences brought us together, and after leaving training, we began emailing each other, then calling, and eventually visiting each other at our respective universities. Next thing you know – we were engaged, then married in November 2001. Adam grew up in rural Oregon and is a fun-loving man who is energetic and playful. He is a hard worker and continually seeks ways to better himself at home, at church, and at work. Adam is a supportive husband and son, and John’s best buddy! John is a little obsessed with his daddy right now. He is considerate and loves surprising his loved ones with thoughtful gifts or notes. He helps Christy with chores around the house and is too gentlemanly to let her do the dirty or difficult tasks around the house. He loves sports, and is looking forward to watching John and any other future children compete in sporting events if that is what they want. He has played most sports in school and continues to play in church and city basketball and softball leagues and loves going to sporting events. Adam is also excited for tea parties and dance recitals! Adam’s current goals are working towards a Command position in the Air Force, preparing for a career in the airlines after retirement in 2022, and learning to play the guitar. Christy grew up in a town named Madison, in Northern Alabama. Christy, like Adam, joined the Air Force after college, but served as an Intelligence Officer. After excelling for seven years, Christy separated from the Air Force so we could try to start our family. Christy is a very diverse woman whose interests range from opera and fine art to Monster Truck rallies. As the third of six, Christy grew up in a large family and loves to spend time with them. Her fondest memories are all of family time. She loves spending time with the loves of her life – her sweet husband, her adorable mini-man, and her dog, Oscar. Nothing could be better than snuggling with her little family, but it is time to add another baby to the cuddle sessions! Christy’s current goals are to teach John his numbers, colors, letters and shapes, and train for another half-marathon.

Our Home

We live in Nevada. Our neighborhood is fairly quiet, diverse, and has quite a few children. Our home is a two-story home, just over 2100 sq ft with three bedrooms (all on the same floor) and two and a half bathrooms. We have a large backyard (for Vegas) with a fenced-in pool and half basketball court. The future nursery will be in the room adjacent to the Master Bedroom. It is set up as a guest room now, but we hope to redecorate it soon for a new little son or daughter! Across the street from our neighborhood is a large park with a shaded playground and a nature-walking path that we visit a few times per week. (John LOVES the slides!!) Christy and John take Oscar for a walk almost every morning – Oscar loves to watch John play at the playground. Our church and the elementary school are just a couple minutes’ drive from our home.

Our Extended Family

Adam’s family is wonderful! Adam’s father passed away when he was only 11, but he instilled the love of the outdoors and of sports in Adam and his two brothers. Adam is the second child. As children, they went camping and hiking regularly, rode four-wheelers and enjoyed playing outdoors. Adam, his brothers, and their friends played wiffle ball – rain or shine – from the moment chores were done until the sun set. Adam is very close to his mother and they speak almost daily. He has a small family, but they are very close. Adam loves his family’s traditions around the holidays – eat, play games, eat, play more games, and eat again! Christy is blessed with incredible immediate and extended family. She grew up in a large, close family with two brothers and three sisters. Christy is the third child. As a child, she was close to her siblings and they played together, shared rooms, and shared in the misery of chores and dishes. Her parents made sure they had family time set aside a few times a week. On Monday nights, the family would get together for a “family meeting”, games, and a dessert. On Friday, her family would often order pizza and watch a movie at home together. The focus on family has influenced Christy in her later life. The majority of her immediate family settled in the area in which they grew up. Both of our families are supportive and excited for us to adopt again and are looking forward to having one more great-grandchild, grandchild, and niece or nephew to love!

Our Family Traditions

We are an active couple and love being out and about, alone or with friends. We love games nights with friends at home, going out to plays, the outdoors and sporting events. Christy has participated in Community Theater. Adam has played in city-league softball teams – Adam even played on the Cairo Nomads softball team while we lived in Egypt! We also do a large amount of volunteer work. We regularly help cook meals for the homeless and volunteer for a variety of community events. We both volunteer in our church’s youth group. We love camping and hiking together as well, and we both have fond memories of camping with our families as children. We haven’t gone camping with John yet, but we are looking forward to it when he’s a little older! We take Oscar for walks every day, but look forward to the weekends when the whole family can go to the park together for playtime! Our favorite thing to do as a couple is to travel. Adam has been to 33 countries and Christy has been to 30. We love exploring new places, trying new foods, learning new cultures and meeting new people. We’ve lived in Korea and Egypt, and look forward to our next opportunity to travel. We truly feel that every experience in a new culture and area adds to our understanding of the world and each experience adds new perspective. We are excited to travel with our children when they are a little older and see the world as a family!

What Led Us To Adoption

We both grew up in families with multiple children and we both want to add at least one more child to our family. We loved having siblings as children and we love having siblings as adults! John loves playing with other children, and we think he would love to have a little brother or sister. We would like to add another child to the family soon so that they are close enough in age to play together well and grow up together.

Facts About Christy

  • Occupation: Stay at home Mom
  • Religion: Christian/Latter-Day Saints
  • Education: Master’s in International Peace and Conflict Resolution
  • Favorite Food: Slovenian Pizza
  • Favorite Hobby: Traveling
  • Favorite Movie: Ever After
  • Favorite Sport: Hockey
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas
  • Favorite Music Group: The Civil Wars
  • Favorite TV Show: When Calls the Heart
  • Favorite Book: Persuasion
  • Favorite Subject in School: French
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Slovenia

Facts About Adam

  • Occupation: US Air Force Fighter Pilot
  • Religion: Christian/Latter-Day Saint
  • Education: Master’s in Aeronautical Science
  • Favorite Food: Indian
  • Favorite Hobby: Playing Sports
  • Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemption
  • Favorite Sport: Football to watch, Softball and Basketball to play
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas
  • Favorite Music Group: Too many to choose
  • Favorite TV Show: Big Bang Theory
  • Favorite Book: The Davinci Code
  • Favorite Subject in School: History and Meteorology
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Slovenia
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