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Rebecca & Galen

Rebecca & Galen

Race of child interested in adopting:No Preference

Gender of child interested in adopting:No Preference

Dear Birthmother,

Hello to you from us. We are Rebecca and Galen. When we got married, Rebecca had three children from a prior marriage, but would not be able to carry any more children. We have never felt that our family was complete. After many years of praying, we believe that God has put adoption heavy on our hearts. There is so much more love in our hearts, so we are looking forward to knowing you. The following is what we promise you. We promise to let the little angel know about you from day one. We promise to show your picture, if you want, often. We promise to provide a warm, safe and loving home. We promise that the wee angel will always have a loving and protective family.

You are such an amazingly, strong woman and we greatly admire you. It takes unbelievable strength to do what you are considering doing. We would like you to know that with our families you will always be spoken of with great respect and honor. We understand that looking for the perfect family is one of the hardest things that you have had to do. We appreciate so very much that you have taken the time to read this letter and hope you would like to get to know us better.

About Us

We met 18 years ago in Idaho. We were married later that year on Thanksgiving day and have been falling more and more in love ever since. We are a fun loving couple who enjoys county living. Galen is retired from the U.S. Army after serving for 14 years. This past year, we experienced two extremely significant and emotional events. One being our joint graduation from the University of Idaho and the other, our vow renewal.

Rebecca was previously married and had three, beautiful children after she was told she would never get pregnant. She suffered six tragic losses and together, her and Galen have experienced two failed adoption attempts. After taking some time to heal from all of this heartache, we are ready to expand our family through adoption.

Together we enjoy going for walks and taking our dog to the dog park, having picnics, painting ceramics, reading and winter activities like, snowball fights and making snowmen. Rebecca enjoys knitting, crocheting and cross stitching among other handicrafts. She enjoys looking at patterns on the Internet. She has so many patterns saved on Pinterest, it would take 2 or 3 lifetimes to make! Galen enjoys fishing and hunting. He also likes playing games. He enjoys volunteering at the local Habitat for Humanity where he tests any donated electrical gadgets to make sure they work.

Our Home

While Galen was in the military, we moved around a lot and eventually found our home in the small college town of Moscow, Idaho. It is a very mulit-cultural town that still has a country feel. From the outside our apartment looks pretty ordinary, but the inside and surrounding community make it truly wonderful. Rebecca's son and daughter, along with their families live on the third floor of the same apartment building. We love that they are so close. In our home you will find lots of books as we both like to read. Our decor is eclectic, fun and cozy.

We live roughly 10 minutes walking distance from the University of Idaho. There is a public Charter School about a block and a half away for elementary students. The elementary school, middle school and high school are all a 15 minute car ride from our home. We are near the walking trail into the University of Idaho's Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. It is a beautiful place to take a walk in! The nursery is all set up and ready to welcome the wee angel. There is a blue and yellow quilt that Rebecca made hanging on the wall above the crib.The nursery is equipped with Rebecca's grandmother's dresser, glider, bookshelf with toys and rattles and plenty of blankets and quilts made by Rebecca.

Our Extended Family

We usually try and spend Thanksgiving with Rebecca's family. She is the youngest of 5 children and the family is growing quickly. We love it when family members who live a long distance away can make it home.The table is filled with all sorts of goodies and of course, turkey and ham, so you can eat until you feel like popping! Thanksgiving is also our anniversary, so it is a very special holiday for us. We try and spend the Christmas holiday with Galen's family. He is the 7th of 8 children, which make for HUGE family gatherings. There are always lots of children around during the holidays and it is fun to see how they have grown.

Our Family Traditions

For our immediate family, we celebrate the holiday just before or just after Christmas. One of our fun traditions is "jammy day". On the day we celebrate Christmas, we spend the entire day together wearing our pajamas. Another tradition is having the youngest member of the gathering pass out the presents. Then each person going around in a circle opens the presents one at a time. It makes for a fun time for everyone.

What Led Us To Adoption

Rebecca was told that she would never be able to get pregnant, so it was with joy when she found out she was. Labor came on early at 34 weeks and she had to spend the remaining 8 weeks of her pregnancy in the hospital to stop the labor pains. Little did she know that in 1989 she would find herself pregnant again–with twins! She lost one of twins and had to spend the next 10 weeks in the hospital. She gave birth at 32 weeks to a daughter that spent a month in the NICU. Sadly, she experienced four more losses after this. She found out she was pregnant once more and had to spend 12 weeks in the hospital. After this pregnancy, the doctors sat her down and said it would be dangerous for her to even try and attempt another pregnancy. A few years after Galen and her married, they tried to adopt. We experienced two failed adoption attempts. This was the 8th child we had “lost” and our hearts were broke to pieces. We took time to heal and after many years and much prayer, we knew deep in our hearts that our family was not finished. We believe that God has led us to adoption.

Facts About Rebecca

  • Occupation: Homemaker
  • Religion: Christian
  • Education: Some College
  • Favorite Food: Chicken & Fudge
  • Favorite Hobby: Knitting, Crochet,Quilting
  • Favorite Movie: Titanic
  • Favorite Sport:
  • Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving
  • Favorite Music Group: Celtic Thunder
  • Favorite TV Show: NCIS
  • Favorite Book: Bible
  • Favorite Subject in School: History
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Yellowstone National Park

Facts About Galen

  • Occupation: Retired Military
  • Religion: Christian
  • Education: College
  • Favorite Food: Pizza
  • Favorite Hobby: Fishing
  • Favorite Movie: Star Wars
  • Favorite Sport:
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas
  • Favorite Music Group: Johnny Cash
  • Favorite TV Show: Mash
  • Favorite Book: Bible
  • Favorite Subject in School: Computer
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Yellowstone National Park
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