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Rebecca & Galen

Rebecca & Galen

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Dear Birthmother,

Hello to you from us ~Galen and Rebecca You are such an amazing strong woman and we greatly admire you. It takes unbelievable strength to do what you are considering doing. We would like you to know that with our families you will be always spoken of with great respect and honor. When I (Rebecca) married Galen I had three children from a prior marriage but would not be able to carry anymore. Galen and I have never felt that our family was finished. After many years of praying we believe that God has put adoption heavy on our hearts. We understand that looking for the perfect family is one of the hardest things that you have had to do. We appreciate so very much that you have taken the time to read this letter. There is so much more in our hearts so we are looking forward to knowing you. The following is what we promise you, our Birth Mother. We promise to let the little angel know about you from day one. We promise to show your picture (if you want) often. We promise to provide a warm, safe and loving home. We promise that the wee Angel will always have a loving and protective family. Thank you for taking the time to reading this short little note.

About Us

Galen and I are a couple that are wanting to enlarge our family through adoption. We think that we are a fun loving couple that loves country living. We feel that Moscow Idaho is in the best place to raise a family because it is a very multi-cultural town that still has the country feel to it. Galen is retired from the U.S. Army after serving for 14 years. He is a young 44 year old 5’9” ball of fun and laughter. He loves children dearly and would give his life willing to protect his family. He loves to fish, go to walks, take the dogs to the dog park, paint ceramics, play games (especially computer games) , go for picnics or read a book. During the winter he loves to go sledding, or inter-tubing down hills, have snowball fights and make snowmen. He also loves to throw snowballs at the dogs for them to try and catch. I have many of the same interests as Galen. I enjoy walking, going for picnics, painting ceramics, kitting, crocheting, cross stitching among many many other handcrafts. While I do not like to fish but I like to sit by the water while Galen is fishing and either read or wok on my handcrafts. I am not into computer games (with the exceptions of Solitaire and Mahjong) but I love to look at Pinterest and have saved so many patterns that it will take several lifetimes to make. In the winter I like to make snow-people and sledding. I am a young 46 year old who if I don't wear my glasses am in trouble because the world turns blurry.

Our Home

While Galen was in the military we moved a lot and lived in many different states. The best for us is Idaho. The University of Idaho is just 10 min or less of a walk away from our Apartment. We are seniors here and think it is the best University. We have made our class schedule so that the wee Angel will always be with us with the exception of maybe one or two hours a week. The public elementary, middle and high schools are all with in a 15 minute car ride. About a block and a half away is a public Charter School. When we or family cannot be with the child, there are several day care centers very close. From the outside, our apartment doesn’t look like anything special but it is the inside and the surroundings that make it wonderful. Bethany and Nathan along with their families live on the third floor (we are on the ground floor) of the same apartment building! I love that they are so close and it will be wonderful for the little angel to have them nearby. Inside our home you will find lots of books in bookshelves as we both like to read. The d├ęcor is a bit unique as we have Native American Angels, wolf dream catchers, items from Germany, a Teddy Bear collection as well as pictures of family. Sounds crazy but we have made it fun and cozy. For the Little Angel we have, in the nursery, my grandmothers dresser full of linens all ready to be used. There are receiving blankets, sheets and blankets. Many of the blanks I have made by either knit, crochet, or quilting. We have three sets of drawers all set up for diapers and clothes. There is a nice glider rocker covered with another quilt that I made for when the Angel needs a night-time cuddle. A bookcase is full of stuffed animals and we have small tubs full of various rattles. Hanging over the white crib is a cute yellow and blue quilt that I made. I am working on a counted cross stitch Care Bear birth announcement that I will do the final touches on later and then hang in the Nursery.

Our Extended Family

For Thanksgiving we spend time with my, (Rebecca’s) family. I am the youngest of 5 children so the family is growing fast. I love it though with it is possible for THO'S who live a long distance away can make it home. You can eat until you are “popping” your buttons with all sorts of goodies from fresh fruit to cookies. There are usually many many veggies and salads to pick from. Of course there is Turkey and Ham. Ok enough food talk. I am getting hungry thinking about it! Thanksgiving is always special to us too because it is our anniversary–well the day that we celebrate it on. We try to spend the Christmas holiday with Galen’s Family. Usually there is a family reunion while we are with them. Galen, is the 7th of 8 children. This means a HUGE family. There are always lots of children of all ages from newborn to full adults. It is impossible to get a full family shot! But it is fun to see all of them and see the difference that each year has brought.

Our Family Traditions

For our family we have a separate holiday just before or just after Christmas. One of the fun traditions that we do, is that on “Home Christmas” it is jammy day. All of us dress in jammies and just spend the day with each other. Another tradition is that fun is that the youngest in the gathering has the honor of passing out the presents. The youngest can ask for “help” from one of the adults there. Then each person going around in a circle, opens the presents one at a time. It makes for a fun time for everyone.

What Led Us To Adoption

I, Rebecca, was married before I married Galen. I at first was told that I would never be able to get pregnant so it was with joy that I found out I was! Then at 34 weeks (in 1987) I found myself in labor. The only way the doctors could stop the labor pains and dilation was to keep me in the Hospital with IV’s. I gladly waited the next 8 weeks till I gave birth. Little did I know that in 1989 I would find myself pregnant again –with twins! I lost one and had to spend the next 10 weeks in the hospital –and gave birth at 32 weeks to a daughter that spent a month in the NICU. Then I lost another set of twins, and another single and another single. One more time I found out I was pregnant and this time spent 12 weeks in the Hospital. This time the doctors sat me down and said it would be dangerous for me to even try and attempt another pregnancy so it was made so I could not carry any more. Fast forward to when I married Galen. After some years we tried to adopt. The birthmother didn’t have prenatal care and about two weeks after we agreed to the adoption she miscarried, Twins. The next year we tried again to adopt and this time the mom chose to raise the baby. I understood her feelings but this was the 8th child we had “lost” and my heart was broke to pieces so we took time to heal. It took many years and much prayer but deep in our hearts we knew that our family was not finished. We believe that God is leading us to adopt so here we are.

Facts About Rebecca

  • Occupation: Homemaker
  • Religion: Christian
  • Education: Some College
  • Favorite Food: Chicken & Fudge
  • Favorite Hobby: Knitting, Crochet,Quilting
  • Favorite Movie: Titanic
  • Favorite Sport:
  • Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving
  • Favorite Music Group: Celtic Thunder
  • Favorite TV Show: NCIS
  • Favorite Book: Bible
  • Favorite Subject in School: History
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Yellowstone National Park

Facts About Galen

  • Occupation: Retired Military
  • Religion: Christian
  • Education: College
  • Favorite Food: Pizza
  • Favorite Hobby: Fishing
  • Favorite Movie: Star Wars
  • Favorite Sport:
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas
  • Favorite Music Group: Johnny Cash
  • Favorite TV Show: Mash
  • Favorite Book: Bible
  • Favorite Subject in School: Computer
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Yellowstone National Park
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