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Chrissy & Matthew

Chrissy  & Matthew

Race of child interested in adopting:Caucasian, Caucasian/Hispanic, Hispanic or South/Central American

Gender of child interested in adopting:No Preference

Dear Birthmother,

Thank you for considering us as your child’s adoptive family. We believe that being parents is the greatest joy of our lives, and being able to grow our family to be a true gift. We have so much love and joy to share. We have the utmost respect and admiration for you as you embark on this journey. If given the opportunity, we will provide your child with endless affection, stability, smiles, laughter and hugs. We admire you for looking into adoption and hope you will consider us as parents for your child. We will always be incredibly grateful for the chance to be your amazing child’s parents. We will never tire of telling the child that he or she was born of a mother whose courage and love was so great it allowed her to share him or her with two people who wanted a baby but could not do so without your help. For your love and selflessness, we will be eternally grateful. We love you more than you will ever know. Chrissy & Matt

About Us

When we met in 2001, through a mutual coworker, it was instantly apparent we were meant to be together and we have been making one another smile ever since. We said "I do" in May 2004. In September 2007 we were blessed with our son, Jack. We later discovered after infertility treatments that we were not able to conceive anymore children. We feel that adoption is a perfect way to add to our family. As a family we enjoy being outside, going to the zoo, the library, gym, pool, museums, watching or going to sporting events and movies, spending time with our families and we love to travel! We also treasure our quiet moments at home. Whether it's a group effort on making dinner, gardening, playing with our dog in the yard, riding our bikes around the neighborhood, or enjoying family movie night, we simply love spending time together and look forward to the day we have another child to share our times together and create new memories.

Our Home

We live in an extremely diverse neighborhood - ethnically as well as a mixture of families. On our street alone, there are three adopted children. We are also very fortunate to live next door to some of our closest friends including my sister and her family. We live in a brand new development in a very popular and highly ranked school district. We own a four bedroom home with a finished basement including a child’s playroom. Our young neighborhood is very child friendly as the majority are young homeowners with children. Rarely do you ever look out the window and not see a group of children playing together or riding bikes and scooters. We often have neighborhood parties and celebrations on national holidays. We live in a very friendly community where everywhere looks out for one another. Our home is close to a community park, playground and pool area. We also live very close to our local library which we visit often. Our school district was just ranked in the top 50 school districts in the state. Our city has a “First Friday” celebration which we regularly attend. At these events, we enjoy art displays, food sampling and music.

Our Extended Family

We cherish our time together as a family. Family is very important to us. Both of our parents, with their 40 plus year marriages, have instilled in us a wonderful foundation for being a loving family. Matt is Jack’s baseball coach in the spring and has been his soccer coach in the past. Chrissy also serves as Jack’s Sunday school teacher at church this year and has found the experience to be very enjoyable and gratifying. Chrissy and Jack just began taking Karate lessons together on Thursday nights at our gym. We go to theatre often and we also enjoy taking Jack to the movies. We try to go to at least one Broadway show a year in New York City. We also enjoy taking Jack to amusement parks, zoos and museums. We have been to Disney 8 times in the past 7 years. We also enjoy going to major sporting events including baseball and hockey. Skiing and snowboarding is also a family favorite. We were lucky to get a lot of snow this year and we took full advantage. We also enjoy camping and hiking on local trails.

Our Family Traditions

Over the years, we have formed many new and fun family traditions. A big family favorite is family game night! One night a week we play board games together. It’s a great way to bond and have fun together as a family. Chutes and Ladders is still the number one game of choice! We also do a family movie night twice a month on the weekend. This summer we did the Jurassic Park movie-thon. We make popcorn and put on our most comfy pj’s and cuddle up with a favorite stuffed animal. Even our dog Lucy joins the fun! We also have many family holiday traditions as well. One of our favorite holiday traditions is spending Memorial Day and Labor Day at the beach with our extended family! We love the shore and spending time with all our family at our family beach houses each year is a blast. It is great to start and finish the summer season at the beach for these two holidays. We play games, go to the beach, boogie board, and go the boardwalk. The kids have sleep overs in their rooms and play from morning until bedtime. We make holiday cupcakes and pot luck dinners together and finish up the holiday weekend with a big family barbeque.

What Led Us To Adoption

We have been trying to conceive a second child for the past five years without success. We have undergone numerous failed fertility treatments. While this experience has been difficult, it has helped us to put perspective on what is truly important in life - family and friends. These relationships are what make life meaningful. Regardless of distance or time, we make preserving our relationships with our families and friends a priority. Going through infertility has also made us more sensitive and compassionate individuals. A favorite quote of ours is “Be kind, for everybody you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” We are certain that adoption has been our destiny all along. We have so much love in our home and so much to share with another child. We would be so grateful to the birth parents of our adopted child. Their selfless gift of a child to us would make us eternally indebted to them. The birthparent will always hold a very special place in our hearts and with our family. Your child will know what a selfless, loving act you made by choosing adoption, and he or she will know that we have the utmost respect for the difficult decision that you made this child. Jack would also love nothing more than to finally be a big brother. He asks us on a regular basis if we can get him a baby brother or sister. Last year, my sister gave birth to her last child - a sweet baby boy named Eric. When we came home from visiting them in the hospital, Jack asked if we would we finally be able to have a baby. We had a hard time holding our tears back and told him that we wish it was that easy. An adopted sibling for Jack would be his heart’s desire. Jack has a great relationship with his six first cousins - ranging from ages 14 to 1. We spend a lot of time with all of them - sleep overs, family vacations, holidays, school and sporting events. What a blessing it would be for Jack to have a loving sibling and a lifelong friend to walk together through their journey through life. Finally becoming a family of four would be a dream come true for all of us.

Facts About Chrissy

  • Occupation: Small Business Owner
  • Religion: Christian
  • Education: MBA
  • Favorite Food: Pasta
  • Favorite Hobby: Reading
  • Favorite Movie: Sleepless in Seattle
  • Favorite Sport: Basketball
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas
  • Favorite Music Group: Maroon 5
  • Favorite TV Show: NCIS
  • Favorite Book: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
  • Favorite Subject in School: English
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Beach

Facts About Matthew

  • Occupation: Small Business Owner
  • Religion: Christian
  • Education: Bachelor Degree
  • Favorite Food: Sushi
  • Favorite Hobby: Fishing
  • Favorite Movie: Godfather
  • Favorite Sport: Baseball
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas
  • Favorite Music Group: Pearl Jam
  • Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld
  • Favorite Book: Hunger Games Trilogy
  • Favorite Subject in School: History
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Hawaii
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