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Marisa & Kyle

Marisa & Kyle

Race of child interested in adopting:Caucasian, Caucasian/Asian, Caucasian/African American, Caucasian/Hispanic

Gender of child interested in adopting:No Preference

Dear Birthmother,

We cannot say thank you enough for taking the time to read our profile and help us grow our family. I'm sure this is a very scary and difficult process for you to go through and we hope we can ease some of your fears and begin this journey together. Unable to have children ourselves, it only seems natural for us to choose adoption as a path for us. We come from two amazing families who made us who we are today. Someday we hope we can do the same. We truly believe that we can offer a child a safe, loving, and caring home full of laughter and hugs.


Marisa & Kyle

About Us

Kyle and I first met 9 years ago, while Marisa was working at a restaurant. It was Kyle's smile and sense of humor that drew Marisa to him. Although we lived towns apart, we grew up very similarly. We both love our families, sports, and music.

We both grew up playing sports. Marisa traveled across the country playing in softball tournaments and cheer competitions. In middle school, she was in track. Kyle played baseball, soccer, and golf. Golf was such a passion of his that he chose to make it his career for the early part of his work life. He worked at golf courses all over the country. Besides Illinois he lived in Arizona, Florida, and Pennsylvania to pursue his golf career.

Marisa received a degree in Zoology and later a Bachelor's Degree in Ecology from San Diego State University. However, she had a greater desire to help people and pursued a career as a cardiac ultrasound sonographer. On her days off she enjoys spending time with family and friends; especially cooking for them.

We are both big fans of live music and have been to hundreds of concerts. One of Kyle's favorite bands is Phish. His friends and him have been all over the country to see them play.

Our Home

We live in a two story 3-bedroom house, with a big fenced in back yard, and finished basement we are eager to convert into a play area. We live in such a beautiful neighborhood, full of many young families and children. In fact, we live in a cul de sac where the kids can safely play outside. Our neighbors kids would be thrilled to welcome a new child to our block. There are also two fun parks within walking distance from our house. Another fun activity would be walking on the prairie path near our house to get a little exercise and enjoy nature. We also have a wonderful park district that just remodeled the pool area into a small water park. They also offer many classes and fun activities for young children. Our public school district is excellent. In fact, we live right across the street from the school our child would attend.

Our Extended Family

We both come from big families. Besides having two amazing parents, Marisa has two brothers and one sister all whom are married. In addition, she has a niece and nephew and many close cousins and second cousins. Kyle has two sisters and a brother, three nieces and a nephew, as well as close cousins. The rock of our family is Kyle's Grandma Betty who is the center of most holidays. She is very thoughtful and caring and an amazing cook.

On Christmas and Thanksgiving, we head to Grandma Betty's who makes the most delicious eggplant parmesan, YUM!! Throughout the rest of the year our family tries to get together by either going out to dinner, enjoying a lovely day at the race track, or having family over at our house so Marisa can throw one of her wonderful parties.

Our Family Traditions

Kyle enjoys golfing with family and friends, playing in golf tournaments, and golf leagues. He loves watching all sports, but especially the Chicago Cubs. He has been a fan since he was young and his dad brought him to Wrigley Field. It's no surprise he was overjoyed when the Cubs won the World Series in 2016. He has also visited 12 out of the 32 baseball parks in the country. He enjoys reading crime novels, watching comedy movies, and watching live music in new venues and cities.

Marisa loves outdoor activities; including hiking and camping. She loves hosting parties and especially enjoys the opportunity to cook and laugh with her family and friends. She likes hospital TV shows and romance or romantic comedy movies. When given the opportunity, she loves to travel and be on the beach or hear the sound of waves crashing on the shore. Like Kyle, she likes reading crime novels and watching live music of all genres.

What Led Us To Adoption

Unable to have children ourselves, it only seems natural for us to choose adoption as a path for us. We come from two amazing families who made us who we are today. Someday we hope we can do the same. We truly believe that we can offer a child a safe, loving, and caring home full of laughter and hugs.

Facts About Marisa

  • Occupation: Cardiac Ultrasound Tech
  • Religion: Spiritual
  • Education: BS Biology/Ecology, Associate's Zoology, Associate's Cardiac Technology
  • Favorite Food: Stuffed Peppers
  • Favorite Hobby: Cooking & Painting Furniture
  • Favorite Movie: Armegedon
  • Favorite Sport: Baseball
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas & New Year's Eve
  • Favorite Music Group: All Music
  • Favorite TV Show: This is Us
  • Favorite Book:
  • Favorite Subject in School: Science Biology
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere With a Beach

Facts About Kyle

  • Occupation: Manager in Sales
  • Religion: Spiritual
  • Education: Associate's Business
  • Favorite Food: Nachos
  • Favorite Hobby: Golf
  • Favorite Movie: Caddy Shack
  • Favorite Sport: Golf & Baseball
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas
  • Favorite Music Group: Phish
  • Favorite TV Show: 24 & Sports Center
  • Favorite Book: DaVinci Code
  • Favorite Subject in School: Math
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Florida
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