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Melissa & Matthew

Melissa & Matthew

Race of child interested in adopting:No Preference

Gender of child interested in adopting:No Preference

Dear Birthmother,

When we came to the heartfelt decision to pursue adoption, we knew we would be working with an amazing woman. You are going through something beyond our understanding, but we know that the courage, strength and love you have in reaching out to us, takes more than human traits. You are truly an angel on earth. Having children has changed who we are as people and with each of our babies being born, our relationship and hearts have expanded in a way we never knew possible. We know that if you trust us with the precious baby you are now carrying, each and everyone of us will again be blessed, and the love your baby will bring and receive will continue our family on the path of forever joy. With each step of the way, we will be there for you and for the baby in anyway we can be. We hope that you will feel of our compassion and love, and please know that this is what we will share with your baby, from now until eternity.

About Us

Some “quick facts” about us are that we love our religion, good food, snorkeling, traveling, reading, our pets and animals in general, hiking, any beach-time, movies, music, working out, and photography, but our marriage and family is the most important thing, always! Our life surrounds a few very important aspirations: love, joy, gratitude and peace. Love comes from putting each other before ourselves. Neither of us will be happy unless we are giving all that we can to one another. Our love has always come naturally, comfortably, with fun and laughter all along the way. Joy comes in our children. They are beautiful, selfless, sharing and hilarious. In return for our love they warm our hearts, teach us through their sweet personalities, and fill our home with so much of what is best in this world! Gratitude brings about miracles. No life is perfect, but we have found that when we are thankful we are able to get through even the toughest times. From the simple pleasures, to the grand adventures, we never take what we are or what we have for granted. In our home we strive for peace. Laughter, playtime, and messes are something that our home is full of, and we love it! But always we keep our home a place of safety - a place where our children and we know all is well, and that everything will continue to be OK.

Our Home

We are surrounded by beautiful places like Joshua Tree National Park, Big Bear and other mountains, and great beaches not too far away (this is our favorite!). Our house has three bedrooms, two and half bathrooms, and our prized room – a playroom for kids. “Kid friendly,” our goal is to be the place where any family or child feels comfortable coming and hanging out. We live in a neighborhood with tons of diverse families. Kids are constantly playing in the cul-de-sacs and streets, and everyone gets together in their front yards. There are beautiful sidewalks for walking, and multiple parks, one of which is just around the corner. Our kids love to be able to ride scooters and bikes in our safe cul-de-sac. We are grateful to live in such a family-oriented and diverse area!

Our Extended Family

Many of Matt’s family, including his parents, brother and his family, cousins, and an aunt and uncle live right near us. Melissa has aunts, uncles and cousins we are great friends with who live just a little further away. We are so grateful for regular family dinners; fun afternoons at parks or just hanging out, and visits and trips with our kids to see their cousins that they just love to death. Melissa's parents (Grandy and Grampy to our kids) live in Oregon. All of her four younger siblings are in various states completing school. Even though they do not live nearby, we constantly talk on the phone, email and text. Thankfully we usually get multiple get-together's every year! Our kids know their Grampy, Grandy, aunts and uncles very well, and are showered with love from all of them! Our kids are extremely blessed to know their great-grandparents. Melissa's grandma, our Grammy, and her Grandma and Grandpa all live within an hour. Grammy does the cutest, traditional treasure hunts every time we see her, takes us kayaking and hiking, and is always up for a new adventure. She is 81 and forever young! Grandma and Grandpa Koch draw and teach our kids their amazing art skills, and share their amazing stories from their early years. Birthdays and holidays are usually filled with the happy chaos of grandparents, aunts and uncles all getting together. The best sound in the world is cheerful chatting and kids playing and running around, all while laughing and eating delicious food! Our family is made up of all different personalities, and we come from different backgrounds. Yet we have such smooth-sailing, joyful, and supportive relationships with one another. The best word to describe our extended families is FUN!

Our Family Traditions

Thanks to our parents, we have brought two sets of wonderful traditions into our marriage, and now share as many as we can with our children. Some of our favorites include: decorating our “Christmas Village;” Melissa makes everyone a fancy birthday cake on their special day; carving pumpkins and dressing up for Halloween; Christmas Eve pajamas; taking a photo with all of our gifts for any occasion; making Valentines for each other; and so many more! Just as important as the “big holidays” to us are the day-to-day time we spend as a family. That is why we make reading together, having dinner as a family, playing outside and taking walks a regular part of our days. Gardening is a beloved family affair that teaches our kids how to work and care for something they later get to enjoy. Our kids know they can ask questions and express themselves, and that open communication is something we consider to be one of our most important traditions.

What Led Us To Adoption

Our reason for adopting is simply and humbly because we want to. We knew that we wanted, and are supposed to have another baby in our family. Through a wonderful feeling in our hearts, we knew that adoption was how we needed to expand our family. We understand why choosing a family for her baby is such a difficult task for a birthmother. When considering us, we hope that you will find that we as a couple are parents who truly love being a mother and father with all of our hearts. The amazing part about our family is that your baby will come into a home where three children have been hoping and praying for this sweet person. In our church, we have a children’s song that says, “Every star is different, and so is every child.” This is something we not only believe, but have been able to see firsthand. It is the beauty of what makes a family! We are waiting for our next little star to come home, and to love them for forever.

Facts About Melissa

  • Occupation: Stay at Home Mom
  • Religion: Christian
  • Education: Bachelor’s in Biology
  • Favorite Food: Popcorn
  • Favorite Hobby: Photography
  • Favorite Movie: Mona Lisa’s Smile
  • Favorite Sport: Snowboarding
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas
  • Favorite Music Group: Alice in Chains
  • Favorite TV Show: The Office
  • Favorite Book: To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Favorite Subject in School: Science
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Caribbean

Facts About Matthew

  • Occupation: Social Sciences Teacher
  • Religion: Christian
  • Education: Master’s in History
  • Favorite Food: Mexican
  • Favorite Hobby: Snorkeling
  • Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  • Favorite Sport: Tennis
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas
  • Favorite Music Group: The Killers
  • Favorite TV Show: Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown
  • Favorite Book: Eye of the World
  • Favorite Subject in School: History
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Any beach
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