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New Birth Announcement - Congratulations to Julie and Mike

Mike and Julie came to Everlasting with the hopes of adopting after they discovered that having their own biological child would not be possible. Julie and Mike both dreamed of becoming parents and those dreams were only amplified when they married each other. Both their birthmother and birthmother’s mom came to Everlasting in October searching for a couple that could give this baby a loving home that they could not. Mike and Julie established a wonderful connection with their birth mom; they spoke almost every day! They met for the first time at the hospital which was a surreal experience. Michael and Julie have many passions and traditions that they longed to have a child be a part of. They did have some ups and downs with their adoption journey, and while connections that didn’t work out were devastating, I think that they feel every step was worth it the moment their daughter Natalee was born on January 23rd. Natalee came into this world at 7 pounds, 19 inches of pure perfection! We are grateful to have been a part of this journey and cannot wait to watch Natalee grow. Congratulations, Mike & Julie!  
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