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New Birth Announcement - Congratulations to Veronica and Carlos

BA Garcia

When Veronica and Carlos joined the Everlasting family in June of 2016, I don't think they realized just how quickly their lives would change! Veronica and Carlos always dreamed of having a son. When they got the call March 1st that birth mom Liz was interested in getting to know them, they couldn't believe it! 
This connection was serendipitous. Veronica and Carlos had just painted their nursery two weeks prior to their first contact with Liz! Liz battled with constant uncertainty about her decision to place her baby for adoption. Veronica and Carlos entered into this connection knowing that she may change her mind but pressed forward building a relationship based on complete transparency and openness with Liz. They consistently and honestly supported Liz's deep reflection on her decision. 
As their relationship developed and they got to know one another, Liz felt more confident that she was making the best decision possible for her and her baby boy. On March 17th around 9 am at 7 lbs 10oz and 2 weeks before his due date, Logan came into this world! Liz spent some private time with Logan before deciding to move forward. 
Veronica and Carlos got the call that he was here and made their way to not only meet their son but spend time with their birth mom as well! Logan was welcomed into a huge family full of love and longing! We are so grateful to have been a part of this connection. It was amazing to see this relationship grow feel the constant love and support Veronica and Carlos had for their birth mom, even though there was some uncertainty. Thank you to Liz for her honesty and openness through her own journey. Veronica and Carlos, we are so happy for you! Happy Birthday, Logan!
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