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10 Reasons Adoptive Parents Choose Everlasting Adoptions

1. Broad Exposure:

Our national marketing gives our adoptive families extensive exposure and and shorter wait times.

2. National Services:

We are a licensed adoption facilitator organization that can provide domestic infant adoption services to adoptive families and birthmothers across the country.

3. Personalized Service:

Everlasting Adoptions understands that every birthmother and adoptive parent comes to us with a unique story. Our infant adoption programs are tailored to each individual and couple, to effectively create connections and successful adoptions.

4. Industry Experience:

Combined, our staff of adoption professionals has a wealth of industry experience that the modern birthmother and adoptive parent look for.

5. Personal Experience:

One thing that makes Everlasting Adoptions different from other adoption agencies is our personal connection to adoption. We ARE ALL adoptive mothers here at Everlasting and know personally the pain of infertility and the true miracle of growing a family through infant adoption. For this reason our birthmothers and adoptive parents feel they are able to connect with us on a deeper and more accepting level.

6. Availability:

Throughout the years, we have built an outstanding reputation of being known for our personal, supportive and highly responsive service. Unlike other adoption organizations, the staff at Everlasting Adoptions is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. We are even available on holidays to make sure your adoption questions, concerns and inquiries are handled promptly.

7. Passion:

When working with Everlasting, birthmothers and adoptive parents quickly recognize our sincere passion for adoption. We believe that every newborn, infant and child has the right to a permanent and stable family and consistently strive to provide just that.

8. Online Marketing Services:

Included in our services is an aggressive and innovative marketing plan. We ensure that adoptive parents are seen by birthmothers by helping them create a show stopping adoption profile that is then showcased on our website. Our unique marketing and advertising campaign results in shorter placement times.

9. Networking Abilities:

Birthmothers come to us from out large advertising programs that include the Internet, personal referrals, crisis centers, newspaper ads, attorneys, and networking with other adoption professionals.

10. Professionalism:

While infant adoption is an exciting time for birthmothers and adoptive parents, it is also a very delicate matter. We believe that our knowledge, support and unsurpassed passion for adoption create one outstanding and professional adoption organization.

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Visit our new mobile site

Everlasting Adoptions Connected Family Calicia and Zack "Reveal Party"

One of our connected families was kind enough to share a video of their reveal party! Thank you Calicia and Zack, it looks like you two are having a great time!

2012 Brings Growth and Opportunity to Everlasting Adoptions

The first half of 2012 has brought about many positive changes to Everlasting Adoptions; we are growing!

We have:
  • Added to our management team
  • Added a dedicated "birthmother-focused" marketing team to our existing marketing staff
  • Added Jenna, our new adoptive parent coordinator, who, just like our management team, is also an adoptive parent
  • Added Stephanie, our professional profile creator who will work with you directly to design your custom profile, free of charge
  • Added an extensive database that is the main tool we use to aid us in matching you with the birthmother that you desire
  • Added state of the art software programs that will aid our marketing team in researching ways to reduce our overall operating expenses potentially reducing our marketing/advertising fees
  • Added enhancements and updates to the look for our website

Our management team continues to be comprised of a professional staff of adoptive parents with over 20 years of experience assisting in the placement of 800 adoptions. We believe that no one can serve you better than someone who has gone through the experience themselves.

Our new "birthmother-focused" marketing team dedicates every day to researching the ever-changing dynamics of Google, other search engines, and social media to constantly increase the number of birthmothers that find and contact Everlasting Adoptions. We now have a huge, online campaign that reaches out to birthmothers in "adoption friendly" states across the US.

We selected Jenna, our new adoptive parent coordinator, to work with you because of her extraordinary compassion and empathy toward all people and her thorough understanding of the adoption process as an adoptive mother herself.

Stephanie has been working with birthmothers for many years, and she knows exactly what birthmothers are attracted to. She will create for you the most important tool you have to market yourself to our birthmothers — your profile. She does an awesome job of custom designing your profile to make your own personality reach out to the birthmother that is out there waiting for you. We are now also making this profile free of charge to you!

Our new database allows you to give us all of your requirements with regard to the type of baby you want to raise. We will ask you to provide to us the race combinations of the baby you desire, the type of communication you are looking for after birth—(open, semi-open, or closed), whether or not you will be gender specific (which we do allow), the dollar amount of living expenses you might be able to help your birthmother with during her pregnancy-(which is optional, not mandatory) and many other requirements you may have, to aid us in matching you with the right birthmother and baby you desire.

Our marketing team redesigned our website to better match our unique personality of professionalism combined with warmth and welcome. We wanted it to better assist our birthmothers and adoptive parents in their journey through adoption providing you with pertinent adoption information and easy navigation through our site. Our endeavor in this area is on-going. We strive for constant improvement.

All of the additions that we have been able to make, demonstrate to the staff at Everlasting Adoptions, that we are continually watched over and blessed by an everlasting power much greater than we ever imagined. If you are considering adoption either as a birthmother or an adoptive parent, consider contacting us today. We are here to guide you every step of the way. Call us at 1-866-406-2702

Happy New Year 2012

~~~ HAPPY NEW YEAR from the Staff at Everlasting Adoptions ~~~

Will you take a journey through Adoption in 2012?

If you are considering adopting a baby OR perhaps placing your baby for adoption, WE CAN GUIDE YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY in 2012.

Contact us today – We are here waiting for you!

1-866-406-2702. Be Blessed!

Merry Christmas Eve from the Staff at Everlasting Adoptions

Christmas! 1 day left.

This time of year is so special BUT it can be so painful and challenging for all those traveling on a journey through adoption--BOTH Birthparents AND Adoptive parents. The Staff at Everlasting Adoptions is praying that God gives all of our Waiting Families and Birthparents the strength and courage they need to get through this Holiday Season along with a sense of knowing that everything happens for a reason. We pray that they never lose HOPE.

With extreme gratitude, we thank all of our Past Waiting Families and Birthparents who have experienced a Placement through Everlasting Adoptions. We thank them for the Confidence, Trust and Faith they placed in us. We thank them for diving into a Fear of the Unknown and taking a huge leap of Faith. At Everlasting Adoptions, our belief is that God uses our staff as his instruments to carry through His Will. We feel, it is only through His Divine Intervention that You have experienced the miracle of adoption. This is what we believe, but we are not here to judge in any way, and we will never turn anyone away because of their religious beliefs or non-religious beliefs. We are all equal and we believe in the dignity of every human being.

To all of those out there reading this, whether you believe in a Higher Power or not, please listen to that soft whisper you may be hearing. Perhaps it is meant to be that you are being guided down the road of adoption in some way. Please consider learning more about the services that Everlasting Adoptions provides. We are a professional staff of adoptive moms, and we will be right here waiting for you, 24/7.

Wishing you the experience of Peace and Contentment in Your life along with all of the Struggles and the Joys it brings with it!

Happy Holidays!
Carol Shepherd-Director
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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