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Thank You from the Bottoms of our Hearts!

Three years ago on this very day, we received the very best Christmas gift one can receive as a gorgeous tiny dark haired baby was placed into our arms and hearts. A beautiful momma who chose life, also entrusted us to be the forever family for her precious daughter. I tear when I think about the gift of life she gave to Evie when it would have been so convenient to make another choice. I tear when I think about this amazing little girl who is nothing but pure JOY to us and how very grateful we are to have been given this opportunity to raise, nurture and love her. I could go on and on about all of her incredible qualities: how she is spunky and fun, how she loves to be around friends and everything is a party to her, how her dancing and smile light up a room, how she brings books to bed with her instead of dolls, how she is so easy to parent and lead as long as you are logical about everything you do, she is usually super cooperative (she just needs an explanation, lol), how she is my little buddy and wants to be doing whatever I am doing right by my side. She is one gifted little girl and has been a blessing since day one on this earth. We are eternally grateful to Everlasting Adoptions for being the angels that guided us to our sweet baby girl and we are so thankful for the way that Carol Shepherd walked us through each step. She made us feel safe and taken care of and eased all of our fears along the way.

Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts!

Andrew, Ruth, Abby, Karis, Seth and Evie DePue

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