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  •  Family

    Kourtney & Joseph

    Kourtney and Joe came to Everlasting Adoptions in mid December of 2014. Their little miracle, Mikaiah Jude was born on June 24, 2016. He is beautiful! Congratulations and Thank You's to All from the staff at Everlasting Adoptions. They adopted in 18 months.

  • Lott Family


    Kristin's dream of becoming a parent finally came true. She is a true example of never giving up hope. Baby Michael was born in October of 2015. His birthparents tried their hardest to be the very best parents they could to Michael, but the struggle was overwhelming. After 6 months of trying to parent, they turned to adoption as the best option, and the rest is a beautiful ending where Kristin was selected to parent baby Michael. Congratulations to Kristin after a long, challenging journey to achieve her dream. We wish them all the best that life can bring.

  •  Family

    Lisa & Bill

    Bill and Lisa are proud to announce the birth of their newborn baby girl, Mila! Just when Bill and Lisa had given up all hope of ever having a girl for their two sons, a little miracle came along. Mila was born on April 10, 2016. Bill and Lisa adopted in just 4 short months!

  •  Family

    Bernadette & Robert

    Congratulation to Bernadette & Robert who are the proud parents of the cutest child on earth! Julia Michelle Joyce! She was born on January 15, 2016, and was 5 tiny little lbs, and 13 oz. They adopted in just 3 short months. Miraculous!

  •  Family

    Samantha & James

    Samantha and James are proud to announce the birth of their beautiful, baby girl, Ruby. They are grateful for their birthmother, Diana, who
    was the angel that made their dream come true. Ruby was born on February 4, 2016, and weighed 7lb, 12.7 oz. Congratulations and Blessings
    to all. Everyone is doing great. We thank them all for sharing their adoption journey with us! Samantha and James adopted in 19 months. Please read our blog to enjoy more of their story.

  •  Family

    Jessica & Reggie

    Blessings and Congrats go out to Jessica and Reggie. Their baby boy was born in November and came into Jessica and Reggie's life in the beginning of January. By the end of January, they became his parents forever. We are full of joy and happiness for them as well as their birthparents who made a very difficult and brave choice! We wish them all a future full of love, opportunities and all good things.

  •  Family

    Joe & Jeff

    Congratulations go out to Joe and Jeff who adopted in 24 months. Their newborn baby boy, Daniel, was born on November 28, 2015, and their family is now complete. We are grateful to their birthparents too, who made the courageous choice to place their baby for adoption at the very last minute. Life! No better choice! Blessings to All!

  •  Family

    Tyler & Natalia

    Christmas Baby, Ayden Nicole, was born on December 29, 2015, and the proud parents are Natalia and Tyler. Congratulations go out to all of them! Ayden was born on December, 29, 2015 and weighed in at 5lbs 6.5 oz. We wish them all the happiness and joy that life can bring, and we thank their birthparents for giving Ayden the gift of life!

  •  Family

    Jess & Tiffani

    Thanksgiving Blessings and Congratulations are going out to Jeff and Tiffani! They adopted their newborn baby boy, Gabriel Paul, in 20 months. He was born on Friday, November 13, 2015, in Missouri. He weighed in at 6 lbs, 11.4 oz, and was 19” long. Jess and Tiffani are on their way “home” right now, and can’t believe their family is finally complete!!! Gabriel is most definitely an answered prayer!

  •  Family

    Heather & Mark

    We would like to Congratulate Heather and Mark on the birth of their adorable son! Grayson was born on September 22, 2015 in Michigan. Heather & Mark adopted in 24 months.

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