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    Lindsey & Stephen

    Stephen and I decided to adopt because we always wanted to be parents, but, after 3.5 years of intense infertility treatment, felt that we were being called to a different route to parenthood. From start to finish, it took 24 months to adopt Jacob Aiden. The experience was hard at first because of the frustration of filling out what felt like reams of paperwork, feeling as if we needed everbody else's approval to become parents, feeling as if it was never going to happen...but, now weeks away from finalization, I can appreciate that, while a lot of what you go through to adopt is extremely hard and maybe over the top, it is worth it to see your child.

    One of the main reasons we chose Everlasting Adoptions versus other facilitators/agencies was our feeling that they had a deep respect for all the people involved in the adoption process. Some other places I spoke to seemed to be frustrated at having "another couple" wanting to adopt because they needed more birthmoms, and others seemed to have a lack of sympathy for the birthmothers. We did not experience this negativity from any of the staff at Everlasting, and felt as if they were truly trying to help birthmoms and adoptive parents find a happy ending without judging them in the process. Everlasting's staff was always there to help us; I was amazed at how easy it was to reach Carol whenever I had a question (something we did not experience with our attorney, home study agency, and social workers!) Overall, we had a good experience with Everlasting, and would utilize them again for a domestic infant adoption.

    There's a few things I've learned through this process, one of which, is try to stay hopeful throughout the wait! Stephen and I tried to do some things we knew would be harder after a baby, like taking a weekend vacation, going out to a movie, and outdoor stuff, like hiking and tennis, to try and appreciate the time alone together, since you tend to focus on wanting the future to come faster! I would advise prospective parents to keep an open heart and mind; you never know what is meant to be. We were fortunate to have a wonderful birthmother who wanted us to be involved even before our son's birth, and feel blessed to be able to share pics and updates with her now, something about which we were initially concerned.

    Jacob is such a blessing in our lives and we've enjoyed every minute with him! Even those 2 am feedings! Sometimes the pain of not having a child makes you appreciate the one you finally have that much more.

    Stephen, Lindsey, and Jacob

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    Jim & Theresa

    It has always been our dream to have a family of our own. After three miscarriages, Jim and I decided to adopt. We talked to family, friends and another couple going through the adoption process themselves. After researching our options we made the decision to go with Everlasting Adoptions.

    The process was long and stressful. We didn’t talk much about the wait, because it was painful. Then after two years, Jim and I were matched to our birth mom two days before our contract was up. Before we were matched, we had come to the conclusion that our dream may not come true or we would have to look at other options. When Ceal called, the extreme excitement and joy we experienced was beyond description. The staff at Everlasting had recommended Jim and me to the birth mom after she struggled to make a decision. From that point on it has been the best days of our lives. Our daughter, Abby, has been with us for over four months now and we have finalized the adoption! We couldn’t imagine life without her.

    To the families that our waiting to adopt or checking out their options, we think they should definitely consider Everlasting Adoptions. They were kind, understanding and quick to answer any questions we had. Also, be patient! They say things happen for a reason, we definitely are believers of that now!

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    James & Ronda

    From the time we were dating, we both agreed that we wanted to have children. About a year after we were married, we learned that we would not be able to conceive. I was devastated, but James continued to be strong and kept a positive attitude for me. At that very moment, we both agreed that adoption would be the best thing for us.

    Our adoption journey began about 22 months ago. We gathered information and researched several adoption agencies, but we both decided to try Everlasting Adoptions, and we’re so glad we did. The whole Everlasting team, especially Ceal, were very supportive, encouraging, and very patient. Ceal worked very hard to find us matches but with lots of prayer and patience, God made a way for us to be matched with a very special young lady, the birthmother of our little “Angel”. We’ve had a journey full of ups and downs. One of our matches actually let us hear, over the phone, the baby being born. We rushed to get there, stayed with the baby overnight in the hospital, but when it was time for us to leave, with the baby, she changed her mind. With another match, we arrived in town, and went to the hospital, only to be told that she was not registered there. We couldn’t contact her, so we went home. A day later, the birthmother contacted us and told us to come get the baby. We, once again, booked our flight, and rushed to get there. We met the attorney at the hospital, but the birthmother never showed up. We contacted the birthfather, only to find out the he had changed his mind. So, once again, we packed up and went home. Both times, we were devastated. It had gotten to the point where I went into each match expecting NOT to adopt, expecting for the birthmother to change her mind at the last minute, and through it all, Ceal was ALWAYS there with some encouraging words. There were times when I told my husband I just didn’t want to do this anymore. My husband, along with Ceal, encouraged me not to give up. I decided to try ‘one more time’. We were matched with a birthmother who was having twins. We were shocked, but still excited and trying to prepare for two babies instead of one. The birthmother delivered early, but never contacted us. I was pretty much through with everything, but received a call from Ceal, the day before Thanksgiving, with the match that changed our lives. I truly believe that God’s plan was for us to be matched with this particular birthmother. We didn’t know each other long, but we were a blessing to each other from the first time we spoke on the phone.

    I prayed to God for a Christmas miracle, and what a miracle he blessed us with! We now have our daughter and words cannot express how happy and blessed we are. So to the waiting families, please don’t give up and make sure you ask GOD to take control and lead you to the “perfect match”. Our adoption counselor, Ceal, and the Everlasting Adoption staff, “THANK YOU” is just not enough, for everything you’ve done for us. Ceal was not only our adoption counselor, she has become a lifetime friend and “auntie”!! Without Ceal, and the staff, none of this would be happening. Our experience, with Everlasting Adoptions, is one we’ll never forget. Everlasting Adoptions made our dreams come true, by helping us grow our ‘family’. If I had to rate Everlasting on a scale from 1 to 10, my vote would definitely be a 10!!!

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    Nicole & Marc

    As we celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary, we have been blessed with the gift of life. We adopted our first child, who was already one month old, when Ceal at Everlasting called us to inform us of our miracle.

    We took custody of our daughter on December 20, 2014, within three days of being called. Our daughter, Laila Grace is a true Christmas miracle!

    The staff at Everlasting is a composite of a lawyer, social worker and recruiter therefore you're in fantastic hands! We have worked with other agencies, and Everlasting is absolutely outstanding because they are your family! Like family, they are with you through good and bad.

    We have wanted to adopt in addition to having biological children. However, after nine miscarriages, we thought we'd never be parents. Now, we are parents thanks to God and Everlasting's work as the brilliant conduit.

    Everlasting's accessibility, guidance and professionalism are second to none. We have our Christmas miracle in Laila Grace. Thank you Everlasting Adoptions; you made our dreams come true!

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    Anne and Tory

    Hi Carol & Team!

    We wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and again say a sincere thank you for helping us grow our family through adoption. We are so blessed to be able to celebrate the holidays this year with our two beautiful daughters. Thank you all for helping make our dream come true!

    We decided to adopt for a few different reasons. Anne and her brother were adopted, as was Tory's sister, so adoption has always been a wonderful part of our lives. We always knew we wanted to adopt, and when we realized we couldn't conceive naturally, we were even more motivated to move forward with adoption.

    We evaluated several different agencies before selecting Everlasting Adoptions. Having been through an adoption journey once before, we knew we wanted to work with people who understood how difficult that process can be for adoptive parents. We did not want to be just another name on a list. We found the environment we were looking for with Carol and the team at Everlasting.

    Our experience with Everlasting was very, very positive. The birth mother did not contact Everlasting until she was already nine months pregnant and about ready to deliver. Carol was extremely supportive to the birth mother, the birth mother's support system, and of course to us. Carol and the team were on the phone nearly 24/7 working to connect all of us in a very short period of time. The flurry of activity that took place over the first 72 hours since we got the call was astounding. Within less than one week of receiving the first call from Carol, we were at the hospital holding our newborn daughter. What a miracle!! Carol continued to follow-up with us throughout the process. It was wonderful to know that the Everlasting team had us in their thoughts and prayers.

    We know how hard the waiting can be, so our advice to other prospective adoptive parents is to try just live your lives to the fullest and not get too anxious about how long the process can take. We were very fortunate to have only been waiting seven short months since contacting Everlasting Adoptions. However, we waited much longer our first time with a different agency and know how difficult it can be.

    Again, thank you Carol and team for your guidance and support. You not only helped welcome our beautiful daughter Kyla Lynne into our family, but also connected us with an amazing birth mother who means so much to us. Our adoption journey through Everlasting was a very positive experience. Thank you!

    Happy Holidays!

    Tory & Anne

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