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    Erric & Keisha

    Thank you all for sharing this beautiful, life-changing journey with us. Our experience with Everlasting Adoptions has been so wonderful. We were matched a few times in the 7 months after we went live with Everlasting, which was a pleasant surprise since it can take years to be matched once through a traditional agency! The team at Everlasting was always so prompt and courteous when answering questions, returning calls, or emails. We thank you for your support and professionalism.

    Our birthmother and her family were more than we could’ve ever hoped for. Our birthmother was funny, strong, and resilient! Her strength was so motivational to every person she touched at the hospital. She played no games, and she was confident in her decision before she reached the hospital. I’m sure the staff at Everlasting Adoptions helped to prepare her for the emotional rollercoaster ride of the impending adoption. Her family was equally supportive and the most honest and down to earth people we’ve ever met. Our birthmother and her family were educated and prepped by Everlasting, for the hospital adoption experience. Because of this, the hospital staff was well informed, welcoming, and equally supportive of the adoption. It was truly a match made in heaven!

    Our new addition has brought so much joy to our lives. She’s filled so many empty spaces. It seems, we were waiting for her all along.

    Thank you for helping us to find the perfect match in our birthmother! Thank you for helping to answer the prayers of our son, by finding him a little sister! Thank you for helping us to find our princess!

    No measure of words could ever express our love and gratitude to everyone who was involved in our adoption, but we thank you again, and again, and again..

    With Love,

    Eric, Keisha, and E.J.
    Keisha & Erric

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    Rick & Tess

    A friend of ours who already adopted through Everlasting Adoptions over a year ago, recommended them to us. Without their guidance and support, Rick and I would not have our own family together today! Carol’s encouragement, positive nature, support, reassurance, guidance, and even her sense of humor helped us through the entire adoption process and helped us maintain our optimism each step of the way. Each of the staff's phone calls, texts, and emails calmed our fears and answered our litany of questions throughout this wonderful journey. We are eternally grateful to the birthmother who they matched us with, and are now savoring and cherishing every moment with our sweet baby boy. He is such a blessing to us, and we truly have Everlasting Adoption's to thank for him!

    The staff continually went above and beyond and exceeded our expectations by praying for us, comforting us, and genuinely caring for us as we were led to our miracle blessing just shortly after Easter Sunday. "Just let go and have FAITH!" Those six words from Carol were a constant reminder that God is in control, and that He has a special plan for all of us! We really cannot fully express how pleased we are with their professionalism and kindness. We had a truly remarkable experience and have already recommended Everlasting Adoptions to several other couples who are hoping to build a family too. Yes, Carol and her staff helped make our dream come true in just 10 months! Our appreciation and gratitude for them will never end.

    Rick and I want you to know that if you are pregnant and considering an adoption plan for your baby, or if you are considering adopting a newborn, we whole-heartedly recommend Everlasting Adoptions. The staff's dedication and expertise will undoubtedly make your experience a positive one.

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    Calicia & Zack

    We knew adoption was God's plan for us after only 6 months of fertility medication. We chose Everlasting because of their warm welcome and unexplainable compassion. When Jenna from Everlasting called us to tell us about a possible match it was only a month after we went "live" on their website. I emailed the birth mother that night and automatically we knew, we were a fit for each other! I texted with the birth mother daily and that led to us meeting. Looking back, it seems like we were meant to know each other. She was 3 weeks pregnant when we were matched so we went through her pregnancy with her and her fiancé. On December 8 we had a baby shower and the birth mother attended and met my family and friends. Ten days later.... I received a phone call from the birth father that the birth mothers water broke; the birth mother was 33 weeks 6 days. Me and my husband rushed to be by their side. That evening, I watched our angel come into the world in the delivery room. We spent 9 days in the hospital while she learned to eat and cue for her feeds, all the while, the birth parents were by our sides. She's healthy, happy and home now and is just perfect! I never dreamed our baby would be in our arms so quickly and I also never dreamed we would gain amazing friends that are part of our family now (her birth parents). Thank you Everlasting, for making our dreams come true and helping to answer our prayers!


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    Kevin & Jenny

    When Kevin and I first started with Everlasting Adoptions, we had already been involved with another company for one year with no results. So when we were matched with a birth mother in Florida we were beyond excited! However, ultimately when she gave birth she quit answering the phone and kept the baby.

    After a couple months we decided we were ready to try again. The second birth mom seemed much more promising and stable, and we purchased everything we could need for a baby boy due in the winter ... hats, coats, literally everything.

    When she too changed her mind about placing the baby for adoption, honestly I thought my heart was unfixable. All I'd ever wanted since I was 5 years old was a baby of my own! I was beyond sad. I closed the door to the perfect nursery I had so carefully decorated, and even avoided walking through that side of my house as much as possible. The hurt it caused just took my breath away.

    Then 2 weeks before Christmas I was at work when Jenna from Everlasting Adoptions called me with an "urgent" message. At this point my heart (previously thought to be unfixable) began to pound in my chest because Jenna's voice was so excited. She told me about a baby boy born that morning 3 states away, whose mother had chosen our profile and was asking for us to come pick him up.

    By this point my stomach was involved with the pounding of my heart in my chest as well. Have I mentioned I thought my head would explode?! After everything we had been through I didn't know if I could try again, especially not in a state with a 7 day grace period for birth mom to change her mind. But God gives us the strength we need in times like these. I spoke to the birth mom over the phone and assured her that her son already had everything he needed, sitting in the nursery I must have been building for him all along. The relief in her voice at that moment was worth all the pain I'd held inside for the past 2 years. She asked what name I would like on the birth certificate, and all I could think of was Jeremiah 29:11...for I know the plans I have for you, saith The Lord..plans to give you a future and a hope.

    From this point life became surreal.. I was sure that I would wake up at any moment to realize I had only been dreaming. The 10 days we spent with Jeremiah and his birth mom were unbelievable. I learned so much from her about being a mother, by her truly unselfish act.

    Everything I thought I knew about life has been turned upside down, and I am so grateful for the experience! We were allowed to bring our new baby home on Christmas Eve, giving me the greatest Christmas gift I've ever hoped for!

    This morning I feed Jeremiah breakfast and lay him back down in his crib for a nap, tucking the blanket around him with his arms out exactly how I know he likes it. And at this moment I realize, no one else knows Jeremiah like I do. We were meant to be. I wouldn't trade this baby for anyone else. And I wouldn't even trade the pain I've felt, because I may have had to miss the joy I'm feeling right now. Adoption is truly a miracle, and you'll know what I mean when it happens to you.

    May God bless you on your journey.

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    Christine & Jocksan

    After having our fertility tested and going one round of hormones, we decided that going the medical route to have a baby was not for us. We both wanted to be parents, and in our heart it did not matter about biology.

    We met with a lawyer who was recommended to us from a family friend. She was/is fabulous and spent a lot of time with us. We loved that she was an adoptive mother herself. We began the home study process as well as marketing our website on several adoption sites. We were not getting any birthmothers contacting us and time was ticking by. We interviewed several agencies and facilitators and made a decision that for us a facilitator was the way to go. We selected Everlasting Adoptions!

    Carol was awesome from the start – she gave us many references of parents who had used Everlasting’s services, before we signed on with them, and to this day, I keep in touch with one of the mothers. I emailed a lot in the beginning, and Carol and her team always responded very quickly. When our birthmother started to communicate with us directly, the Everlasting team was there offering support for a full day of emailing back and forth with the birthmother. We all had some reservations about the birthmother, and the team at Everlasting expressed concern, but also encouraged me to follow my heart – I really loved how they were right there but gave me space to listen to what was feeling right for us. As a result, we have a beautiful baby girl who is now one month old.

    I would choose a facilitator from the start and not to wait to “see” if a birthmother finds you. Everlasting Adoptions was exactly what we needed!

    If we decide we want another baby, we will not hesitate to contact Everlasting Adoptions again.

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