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  •  Family

    Danielle & John

    John and I decided to build our family through adoption after many miscarriages and years of fertility treatments. It was always our dream to become parents, and Everlasting Adoptions made that dream come true. After 15 months, we were matched with an unbelievable birth mom. We immediately made a connection with her, and we truly believe it was meant to be. Our son was definitely worth the wait. Carol was always there to share words of encouragement and wisdom. We have been through a lot on our road to becoming a family but never gave up hope. Without hope, there is nothing! Miracles do happen! Our son is such an amazing miracle!! Thanks to Everlasting Adoptions our family is complete!

  •  Family

    Tremain & Joy

    Our journey with Carol and the Everlasting Adoptions team has been nothing but wonderful. We did a lot of research on adoption agencies before choosing Everlasting Adoptions, and choosing them was one of the best decisions we have ever made. We felt really good about our decision from the start. Carol and Jenna were always just a phone call/email away whenever we needed them. They proved on several occasions to be a lifesaver and the support system we needed at the time we needed it most.

    Our baby girl was born on June 8, 2012. We immediately felt a great connection with the birth mother. However, there were some challenges in other areas, and we had to wait a few weeks before we could bring our daughter home. Through the tough time between the birth and bringing our baby home, and really through the entire experience, Carol and Jenna were our angels. They are truly amazing. They put their heart and soul into their work and in helping those who need them. I feel like we have become friends, and that is something we will always treasure.

    We are in total bliss with our new little one, and can't imagine what life would be like without her. We can't thank Carol and Jenna enough for all their hard work, support and love through this.

    Miracles do and still happen. We know this because we have a new little bundle of joy living in our home now. We feel so blessed. Thank you to God for blessing us with a family that we didn't think we would ever have, thank you to the birth mother for choosing us, and thank you Carol and the Everlasting Adoptions team.

    With love and great appreciation.
    May God shower you with blessings,

    Tremain and Joy

  •  Family

    Nikita & Kevin

    We decided on Everlasting Adoptions after doing some research on the internet. We already had a failed adoption and some failed fertility treatments, so we were both really skeptical, but after making the decision to go with Everlasting Adoptions and having our first phone conversation with Carol, we were hooked. Carol was so caring and thoughtful. She knew exactly what we were thinking and what our fears were. She was so easy to talk to and always returned our calls and e-mails quickly. The process (although it seemed like a like a life time) was only 9 months from signing up and going "live" with Everlasting until we got the call that our little man was on his way. We were notified by Everlasting Adoptions in April that a birthmother was having a little boy in June, and that we had been matched. From then it was preparing for his arrival and getting to finally do all of that fun baby shopping! The staff was so helpful throughout the whole process and helped us to find the attorney's and everything we were looking for. I knew that I could call at any time with my questions and concerns, and they would always try their best to help me get through my fears and questions.

    I would highly rate Everlasting Adoptions and would recommend that any prospective adoptive parent to give them a call! You will be highly satisfied!

  • DePue Family

    Ruth & Andrew

    Our adoption journey to our precious Evelyn Noel was not an easy one, but oh-so-worth it in the end! The process through Everlasting took us about 14 months to be matched and Carol guided us patiently the whole way. Beyond matching us with an amazing birth mom, she was our cheerleader, coach and adviser all wrapped up into one! We were so very grateful for everything she did for us. She was available to us 24/7 and she was so very personal and friendly. We could tell this was not just a job for her, it is her passion and calling and it shows!

    The advice I would give other adoptive couples is to never stop believing that miracles happen and never lose hope. A miracle ended up happening in our story. We have two older daughters 7 and 8 years old. We were wanting more children but had been trying to conceive again since our 7 year old was two and were told we had fertility issues and probably would not be able to conceive again. We were hoping and praying for twins to adopt the whole time we were in the adoption journey. Well, about 2 months before we were matched with a birth mom, we found out we were expecting! Then a birth mom contacted us and really wanted our family for her little girl even though we were expecting as well, and so our dream twins came true! Our little boy, Seth Andrew, ended up being born just 2 weeks before his "little" sister Evelyn Noel. Our family is perfectly complete now and we are loving our "twins".

    We feel so blessed, and full. God is good and we are so very grateful to the staff at Everlasting Adoptions for being a huge part of our story!

    With all our love, Ruth & Andrew

  •  Family

    Joe & Gretchen

    We decided to contact Everlasting Adoptions after doing a lot of research on the internet and checking around. We had a lengthy conversation with Carol that included an excellent summary of their process and philosophy as well as a detailed Q & A session. We felt very confident that we were making the right choice after talking with her.

    All throughout our experience with Everlasting, our calls & emails were returned promptly; all our questions were answered, and we felt we were treated with empathy and given emotional support from the caring staff. We would enthusiastically recommend them to anyone considering adoption!

    Once we contracted with Everlasting, we worked on getting home study approved as soon as possible and creating our profile for the website. We went "live" on their website after only about a month. We also began preparing a nursery in our home and gathering the essentials for dealing with a newborn. We felt it helped us emotionally to control what we could on our end and took an "if you build it, she will come" philosophy. Gretchen also really enjoyed bargain hunting for all the cute baby girl outfits!

    Our hard work and preparedness (Thank you, Gretchen. I love you, and yes, you were vindicated!) really paid off, as our wild ride was about to begin. After just over two months “live” with Everlasting, we were spending a leisurely Sunday morning at home when Carol contacted us about a birth mother having a baby girl, due in less than two weeks! We were extremely excited and looking forward to calling the birth mother the next day. We were then disappointed when we couldn’t reach her at the scheduled time on that Monday. However, later that afternoon, we got a call from Carol telling us that the mother was going to give birth that same day! She had chosen us as the adoptive couple, and it was time to drop everything, pack up, and make the 7 1/2 hour journey to a town in a neighboring state! At 4:30 am Tuesday, after driving through heavy rain most of the night, we got to lay eyes on the most beautiful baby in the world---our dream girl, Giovanna Belle!

    Thanks again to Carol and the Everlasting staff for their help and support every step of the way!

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