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    Veronica & Carlos

    We knew we wanted to start a family and infertility treatments did not guarantee that. Our goal was to be parents no matter how and we decided adoption was the right path for us. We are incredibly lucky that the process took us 10 months. Everyone at Everlasting Adoptions was awesome and our experience was great. We could text the Director, Carol at any time and she would respond quickly. Lisa, our Birth Mother Coordinator was our sounding board once we were connected to a birth mother. Our birth mother was unsure if she wanted to place her baby and Lisa was instrumental in calming us down and talking us through that stressful time. If we could offer other adoptive parents a word of advice, it would be to try and remain patient. When they say “it happens when you least expect it”, it is true! If you have doubts reach out to someone. It WILL happen, it is just a matter of WHEN it will happen.

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    Kirsten & Scott

    Kirsten and I had spent many years and tried many different methods to have children but were unsuccessful. After some soul searching, we decided to pursue adoption. We would be lying if we said 30 months of waiting were not frustrating and angst filled, but in the end the wait was worth the amazing end result, our daughter Tuesday Elise. We also were able to find solace in the Everlasting Adoptions staff who were always there to ease our frustration, or answer our questions, or to just reassure us that everything we were experiencing was normal.

    Since so many of the staff members at Everlasting Adoptions were adoptive parents themselves, they were able to understand our frustration and stress. They were always available and responded so quickly to our calls and texts. They aided us in meeting the birth family and helped us find lawyers. They also facilitated the first few meetings between us and the birth family.

    For all prospective adoptive parents out there, try and be patient and trust the staff at Everlasting Adoptions. Be prepared to experience a total range of emotions, maintain strong communication, and be totally honest with yourself and others. If adoption is the path you have chosen, it will be worth it in the end.

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    Julie & Mike

    Mike and I turned to adoption after being told that we would be physically unable to have children. We had both always dreamed of having children, so we prayed and felt like this was the decision God had for us. After 2 years with Everlasting Adoptions and a few unsuccessful matches, we finally met the birth mom God had planned for us. On January 23rd, our precious daughter Natalee was born and she is worth every second of the wait.

    We are forever grateful to Everlasting Adoptions and would especially like to thank Lisa, our Birth Mother Consultant. I don’t think we would have met our birth mom without her! The Everlasting staff are amazing. Through our ups and downs they never gave up on us.

    If we could give one piece of advice to other prospective adoptive parents, we would tell them to keep faith that your time will come! We know from personal experience that this is easier said than done and at some points in our journey it seemed like it would never happen, but we were patient and finally got the call that forever changed our lives.

    Mike & Julie

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    I have a lot of love and gratitude in my heart today as I hold my precious son in my arms. I've wanted to be a mother for as long as I can remember, but didn't have the opportunity. In April of 2013, I joined Everlasting Adoptions. I had no idea what a whirlwind of emotions the adoption process would be, but I was grateful for the staff at Everlasting Adoptions who helped me through the process. Finally, after 3 long years, I was connected with the birthmother of my son. Xavier was born October 2016, and is the greatest blessing in my life. I'm so grateful for Carol and all the staff at Everlasting Adoptions.

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    Kourtney & Joseph

    It is with a very grateful heart that I write this. We are Joe and Kourtney, and if you have been with Everlasting for any length of time and are as nosy as we are, you have most likely read our profile. Like us you would have gone through and read most of the profiles to see what all the different families are like, and then get worried that no one will ever pick you over all these other amazing families! Like us you may go back and forth on whether going with Everlasting Adoptions was the “best” choice for you and worry that this couldn’t possibly work. You may read comments on Facebook or Internet and wonder, “Is this the real deal?” We did all this and more, and to be honest, all of it was our fear taking over. When you want something so badly and your heart just aches with it, you allow so many doubts to come in. When you are talking about the life of a child, it can be absolutely overwhelming emotionally. Coming into Everlasting, we already had three children; two of them biological, and the third, adopted. We had never been with any type of agency before and really didn’t know what to expect. A friend of ours had seen Everlasting Adoptions online and mentioned them to us. So one night, Kourtney filled out an application, and within a day we got a phone call from Everlasting. Our experience with Everlasting, from the very beginning was definitely positive and something that we would repeat and also encourage friends and family to go through if they were looking to adopt. We felt that from day one they were very honest and transparent with us, even telling us that because of our already having children it may take longer to find a match. We have been very satisfied and grateful for everything they have done for us. Every email I wrote was promptly replied to (and I wrote often!), every picture I asked to be put on or taken off of their website was done quickly (again A LOT). If I called them, they answered or called right back. We are so thankful for everything they have done. When we finally made our match (after 18 months) they helped us find lawyers and helped us figure out the next steps. They even helped us in the very first steps of connecting with the birth mom when we were unsure how to proceed. We now have our sweet little Mikaiah Jude and are so in love with him. He is now five weeks old, and already we can’t imagine life without him. He puts a smile on everyone’s face (even in the early morning hours when he’s hungry and we are exhausted). Life is crazy, unpredictable, noisy and a lot more unorganized, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything. I think if we can say anything to you, it would be to stay the course and don’t allow doubt to get in the way of what you already know is the right thing for your family. You will go crazy with waiting, your patience will be tested, you will think time is standing still, but in the end you will have a precious and VERY loved baby in your arms for life and every minute of the past months/years will be worth it.

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