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Angie & Kelly

Angie & Kelly

Race of child interested in adopting:Caucasian, Caucasian/Asian, Caucasian/African American, Caucasian/Hispanic

Gender of child interested in adopting:No Preference

Dear Birthmother,

Hi! We are Kelly and Angie and we are honored you are taking the time to read about us. We admire your courage and strength in making such a brave decision. We cannot begin to understand all the emotions you are going through during this process, but we are so grateful you are considering adoption. We have a lot of love to give your baby and will raise him/her in a home full of happiness, support, encouragement and lots of laughter. All of our family lives close by and they are full of lots of motivation and compassion to help us out.

Although we tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant, we never lost the desire to complete our family with a son or daughter. We are excited to start this new chapter in our lives and grow our family. This is the greatest gift we could receive and it would mean the world to us. We are thrilled to start this new adventure and hope we can be a part of your adoption journey.

About Us

We both grew up in small towns and enjoyed spending time running around and playing outdoors. After graduating from high school, Kelly went to vocational school for heating and air conditioning. Angie went to community college for 3 years and then to pharmacy school. We met a few years after high school through mutual friends. We dated long distance for about a year and a half before we got engaged. Our wedding was a couple months after Angie graduated from college. It was outside on a sunny day at the history museum. We just celebrated our 10 year anniversary with a trip to Ireland.

Kelly is a sheet metal installer for a local heating and air company and Angie is a pharmacist at a retail pharmacy. We both enjoy our jobs! A lot of weekends we hang around the house and do projects. Kelly likes to take stuff apart out in the shop and Angie enjoys making stuff to decorate the house and working out in the yard. Kelly makes us breakfast every Saturday and we go to church on Sunday mornings. Some weekends we go out to Kelly's parents’ house to ride the side-by-side on their land. We also enjoy going to the latest action movies with Angie's dad and oldest niece, Alexis.

We also like to go to sports events like baseball, basketball and football games. Our favorite is going to the Thunder basketball games in Oklahoma. We also like to go paddle boarding in the summer at the lake and take the boat out. We enjoy taking vacations or short trips around home, when we can. We have four fur babies; 2 dachshund dogs that are inside pets and 2 cats that are outside pets. The dogs names are Iggy and Sebastian and the cats are both called Kitty.

Our Home

We built our home 9 years ago and it sits on 3.5 acres just outside of town. It has 3 bedrooms upstairs and 2 full baths. We have a room upstairs perfect for a nursery and downstairs is a room we would like to turn into a play room. We have a 3 car garage that we like to have open in the summer to have friends over to hang out in. We have a large yard that is good for outdoor games and entertaining family and friends. There is a strawberry patch and lots of flowers in the yard; as well as a hammock that we like to take naps on in the summer.

Our neighbors are great and they all have children. The schools in our neighborhood are very good and have small teacher to student ratios. There is a community center close to us that has a really nice swimming pool, playground, softball fields and walking trails. Our church is really close to our house and there is also a playground there. We are close to town, but still kind of live in the country. There are many local festivals and parades to go to throughout the year.

Our Extended Family

Both of our families live close to us. We like to get together with them a couple of times a month and we don't go for more than a couple of days without talking to them. Angie's family all live within 30 minutes or so of us and we see them often. She has a sister and a brother, two nieces and two nephews. Her extended family gets together once a month to celebrate birthdays and also celebrate holidays together. We are especially close to Angie's brother, Andrew and his family. We get togeher with them often for dinner or a card game with other friends.

Kelly's parenrts are great! They only live 20 minutes from us and stop by our house all of the time on their way home from town. His dad can always make us laugh and his mom is so sweet and is the best cook. Kelly has two brothers, two nieces and three nephews. Both of his brothers are in the military and are home right now, but his brother, Jeff is going to be deployed in the next couple months. In the summer, we like to go to the lake with Kelly's family and camp. We take the boat out, have a camp fire and eat lots of food. The boat always seems to break down when his uncle Mike and aunt Monica come along!

Our Family Traditions

We make a point to spend the holidays with both of our families. We just alternate which family we see the day of and which family we see a few days later. Our favorite time to get together is the 4th of July. We have a big BBQ , play yard games and watch fireworks. It's also fun to watch the little ones gather eggs on Easter. We usually spend Thanksgiving and Christmas at one of Angie's aunt's houses. Angie and her mom get together every December to make lots of Christmas candy and cookies to take to their neighbors and co-workers. We also take a vacation with Angie's family every summer. Last year we rented a cabin in Oklahoma and went swimming, zip lining and road the go-carts. This year we are going to South Dakota to Mt. Rushmore.

What Led Us To Adoption

When we got married, Angie was 25 and Kelly was 27. We wanted to spend a few years getting to know each other before having kids. Then when Angie turned 31, we decided to start trying to have a baby. After trying for several years and it not working, it felt like God was telling us to stop and take a different path to grow our family. We talked to several people who have adopted and then we knew that was the right way for us. We just want to be parents, to love and raise a child.

Facts About Angie

  • Occupation: Pharmacist
  • Religion: Christian
  • Education: PharmD
  • Favorite Food: Pickles + Mexican Food
  • Favorite Hobby: Reading + Gardening
  • Favorite Movie: The Lucky One
  • Favorite Sport: Basketball
  • Favorite Holiday: 4th of July
  • Favorite Music Group: Eric Church
  • Favorite TV Show: The Voice
  • Favorite Book: Anything by Jenny Colgan or Lisa Gardner
  • Favorite Subject in School: Math
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: East Coast

Facts About Kelly

  • Occupation: Sheet Metal Installer
  • Religion: Christian
  • Education: Vo-tech for Heating & Air
  • Favorite Food: Chicken Fried Steak
  • Favorite Hobby: Fixing Golf Carts
  • Favorite Movie: Rocky
  • Favorite Sport: College Basketball
  • Favorite Holiday: Halloween
  • Favorite Music Group: Tim McGraw
  • Favorite TV Show: Walking Dead
  • Favorite Book: Box Car Children's Series
  • Favorite Subject in School: Shop Class
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Colorado
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