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Matt & Karen

Matt & Karen

Race of child interested in adopting:No Preference

Gender of child interested in adopting:No Preference

Dear Birthmother,

We are Karen and Matt. First we want to thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about us as there is so much we wish to share with you. We understand this process is not easy and we truly appreciate you taking the time to allow us to introduce ourselves. We got married in 2009 and a few years after that we learned we could not get pregnant, so after careful consideration we decided to pursue adoption. Family is an important part of our every day life and we are ready to jump feet first into starting our family. What we would provide to your child is to be accepted and loved in a stable home environment. Your child will not only receive unconditional love from the two of us, but from our intertwined web of family and friends who are excited for us to grow our family by adoption. We believe that as parents, our role in your child's life is to provide lifetime guidance and support and to help them achieve their potential. We will encourage them to pursue their interests and passions in life, and to be an involved and contributing member of the community.

About Us

Karen’s fond memories of childhood include time playing outdoors, visiting with friends, riding bicycles, and camping. Matt did a lot of the same activities, but instead of camping he and his family organized garage sales in the summer. We both had weekly household chores; dishes, dumping garbage, and other tasks like Matt chopping firewood. As adults, we appreciate the lessons we learned from contributing to the households we were raised in. Throughout our school years, we both played sports. Matt played basketball and football, Karen played volleyball and softball, and then in college played women’s rugby.

We met in 2002 before Karen left to volunteer in the Peace Corps for 2 years in Africa. We stayed in contact writing weekly letters back and forth. Matt went to visit Karen twice even though he had never traveled outside of the country. After Karen returned, we were grateful to see each other several times a week after being so far apart. Our relationship grew stronger and to this day we do not take for granted that we see one another every day.

In 2009, we got married surrounded by our family and friends and in 2011 we moved to our current home. We are currently members of the same church we got married in.

Our opinion on faith is that although there are many differences in what people believe, the most important thing is treating others with love and respect, even if they do not hold the same religious beliefs. Some of the most valuable lessons we learn come from people who have different perspectives than our own. Our community activities include supporting local farming by buying produce at local family owned farms and volunteering at community events to plant vegetation and clean up at local parks.

Our Home

In 2011, we bought a house we love! Our neighborhood is small, friendly, and quiet, perfect for us! The families who live here are diverse in culture and there are many school age children. We live in an area on the school bus route and the elementary school is only a mile and a half away. Our house has 4 bedrooms: our bedroom, a guest room, Karen's home office, and the room we have established for a baby. We have a nice backyard to play in. Over the years, we have done many projects to make the house truly feel like our home. Just at the end of our neighborhood is a small park, and a larger park one mile down the road.

Our Extended Family

Matt and Karen both grew up in family oriented households. Matt was very close with his Japanese grandmother, learning firsthand about her culture by eating traditional food, listening to Japanese music, and learning her values.

We delight in time spent with our siblings and their families. Matt has a brother who lives a couple hours away, but we see his family frequently. Karen has 2 brothers; one lives across town with his family, and the other lives with his wife in California, but they come to visit several times a year. One of our favorite family activities is when our nieces Bridget and Brooke come over for sleepovers. They are just as excited to come to Auntie and Uncle’s house as we are to have them! Our parents also live close by and we get together with them frequently.

Both sides of our family like to help with projects, so if we are not getting together for a holiday, birthday, or to watch a football game we might be working on a home improvement project at any one of our houses. We feel very lucky have such a close family.

Our Family Traditions

On Saturday mornings we go to our favorite coffee shop which is a localy owned non-profit that supports the community. We prefer to support local small businesses. In the Fall we attend UW Husky college football games. This started with Karen’s grandparents before she was born. We have started to pass this tradition on to our nieces by bringing them to the games. After the game we get together for a family barbecue. A tradition Karen began getting involved in recently is canning and preserves. Karen and her mom preserve green beans, peaches, pears, cherries, prunes, and other items when they are in season.

One of our family traditions is an annual River Picnic in the summer started many years ago by Karen’s family. Rain or shine all the aunts, uncles, and cousins make the trip to the river for a barbecue, swim in the river, walk along the river’s edge, and to spend time together. Another annual tradition is “Cookie Day”, where a few weeks before Christmas the family gets together to bake cookies for the holiday season. We invite friends to help and send everyone home with more cookies than they can carry. We celebrate birthdays and several holidays with our family throughout the year: especially Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

What Led Us To Adoption

We always dreamt of having a family so after we were not able to have a child on our own, we weighed all the options and decided adoption would be the best fit for us. A few years ago we started to look into adoption. Our opinion is that family is not limited to people who are related biologically, but a strong family is made by being loving and open to all. This is the reason we chose adoption. We believe there is a baby out there who will be as fulfilled by having us as parents as we will by being his or her parents. We look forward to being able to learn and grow with baby throughout his or her lifetime.

Facts About Matt

  • Occupation: Operations at Food Cold Storage Distributor
  • Religion: Christian
  • Education: High School
  • Favorite Food: Thai
  • Favorite Hobby: Running
  • Favorite Movie: Good Will Hunting
  • Favorite Sport: Football
  • Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving
  • Favorite Music Group: Dave Mathews Band
  • Favorite TV Show: Blackish
  • Favorite Book: The Dark Tower
  • Favorite Subject in School: History
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Costa Rica

Facts About Karen

  • Occupation: IT Specialist
  • Religion: Christian
  • Education: Bachelor's
  • Favorite Food: Pastrami Sandwich
  • Favorite Hobby: Home Improvement Projects
  • Favorite Movie: Office Space
  • Favorite Sport: Football
  • Favorite Holiday: Easter
  • Favorite Music Group: Dave Matthews Band
  • Favorite TV Show: NCIS
  • Favorite Book: In Defense of Food
  • Favorite Subject in School: Psychology
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Family Campground by River in Arlington
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