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Andy & Peyton

Andy & Peyton

Race of child interested in adopting:Asian, Caucasian, Caucasian/Asian, Caucasian/African American, Caucasian/Hispanic, African American/Hispanic and African American/Latino, Hispanic or South/Central American, Hispanic/Asian

Gender of child interested in adopting:No Preference

Dear Birthmother,

We are Andy and Peyton a married couple living in Dallas, Texas. We are grateful to you for learning about us as you consider an adoption plan for your child. We have tried several other ways to have a child in the past few years, but we were not successful. Adoption is the right path for both of us and we have the full support of our families. We know that a child who joins our family will be loved deeply by us and by all of our family members. Every day we talk about what our day to day life would be like someday when we are able to have a child with us as a family. We believe our greatest responsibility as parents will be to ensure that our child knows that he/she is loved by us; faith and family are the foundation of our lives. Thank you very much for giving us this opportunity to introduce ourselves and considering us as parents for your baby.

About Us

We met 11 years ago in China and our lives have been eventful and fulfilling. Andy was born in Ohio, grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, and lived in China for 12 years. Peyton who is Chinese, was born and raised in China. Andy started his own quality inspection and sourcing company and has a team of 20 employees in China across 4 cities. Peyton is an HR compensation professional of a fortune 500 company and he works in downtown Dallas. We also have 2 adorable pugs, the older one, Qiubi, is 12 and was adopted in China. Maverick is 7 and just recently lost his eye sight, but we never lost our love for him.

We were legally married in New York in 2013. Shortly after getting married, Peyton started his immigration process as we decided we wanted to move back to the US and start a family. We moved back to the US in April 2014 after choosing Dallas, Texas to be our home. We believe our greatest responsibility as parents is to ensure that our child knows that they are loved by us; faith and family are the foundation of our lives.

Our Home

We live in Dallas, Texas, a diverse community with families with two dads, two moms, and of many different and mixed races and traditions. Dallas gives us access to lots of great places to explore together: Dallas Aquarium, Dallas Zoo, museums, parks and theaters that is geared toward children. We will have a lot to explore so we can find what our child enjoys best.

We built a new house with a pool in 2016 because we are preparing to raise a family here. We are looking forward to raising and seeing our child grow up here in this beautiful house, along with having our extended family enjoy time together with us in our home and in the pool.

Our Extended Family

Peyton has a younger sister who lives in China with her husband and 2 ½ year old son, Qianqian. His Mom, Dad, sister, and nephew visited our new home in Dallas for 5 weeks during the fall of 2016. This was his family's first time to visit the US. We took his nephew to the aquarium, the children's park, and the zoo, which made us both realize how wonderful life will be when we have child of our own so we can take him/her to those places.

Andy has an older sister who lives in Northern Kentucky. His mom lives outside of Louisville while his dad spends his time between Kentucky and Florida. He has 2 nieces, the older one is graduating from college, and the younger niece lives and works in Naples, Florida. Most of Andy's extended family live in Michigan.

Our Family Traditions

We both love outdoor activities, we walk around the trails near our neighborhood, and we both are active golfers. Golfing is something we both enjoy doing, which allows us to spend time together doing something we both love. No matter if our child is boy or girl, we look forward to teaching him/her to play golf.

We both enjoy having friends over to our house. We have an active social life here in Dallas and are fortunate to have so many great and close friends. We have told a few of our close friends that we are going through the adoption process, and have already been offered so many complimentary baby-sitting services.

What Led Us To Adoption

Throughout our relationship, we had discussed the possibility of having a child and even tried through surrogacy but were not successful. We believe we were led to adopt and look forward to nurturing, cherishing and loving a child that joins our family.

Facts About Andy

  • Occupation: Executive with a Sourcing & Quality Agency
  • Religion: Christian
  • Education: Master's Degree
  • Favorite Food: Chinese
  • Favorite Hobby: Golf
  • Favorite Movie: When Harry met Sally
  • Favorite Sport: Golf
  • Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving
  • Favorite Music Group: Billy Joel
  • Favorite TV Show: Will & Grace
  • Favorite Book: Kane & Abel
  • Favorite Subject in School: History
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere With a Beach

Facts About Peyton

  • Occupation: Human Resource Professional in a Fortune 500 Company
  • Religion: Christian
  • Education: Bachelor Degree
  • Favorite Food: Chinese
  • Favorite Hobby: Soccer & Golf
  • Favorite Movie: Air Force 1
  • Favorite Sport: Golf & Soccer
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas
  • Favorite Music Group: U2
  • Favorite TV Show: Friends
  • Favorite Book: Harry Potter
  • Favorite Subject in School: Geography
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Thailand
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