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Megan & John

Megan  & John

Race of child interested in adopting:Asian, Caucasian, Caucasian/Asian, Hispanic or South/Central American

Gender of child interested in adopting:No Preference

Dear Birthmother,

We are Megan and John and we would first like to express how blessed you have made us feel just through the simple act of reading our profile. As difficult as we may find it now to be pouring our collective life and heart on to these pages, we know it is not near as difficult as the task you have of trying to read multiple profiles and make the hardest decision of your life. We thank you so much.

We are fortunate – we both come from loving families who have supported us throughout our lives. Also, we found each other and are better for it. Most of all, we clearly did something right to have been blessed with our two boys, Jack and Holden, who have brought so much to our lives that it defies description. They are our motivation and desire for adoption. We want to grow our family and feel that God is calling us in this direction.

About Us

We first met in Grad School, 10 years ago at a mutual friend’s party. We dated off and on for 2 years before finally realizing we were meant-to-be and were married in October 2011. Before that though, we had our oldest son Jack. He was born in February 2011and is often credited with being our catalyst for good communication. As we said earlier, we are better people for having each other in our lives. Our marriage is a partnership and we make great teammates.

We consider ourselves very fortunate. We have been given many blessings and we feel as though we are being called to share them. Most recently we have become foster parents. Our last placement was a 15-year-old who was with us for 9 months. He was able to move in with a potential adoptive family who seems to be meant for him. Helping to aid in that was very rewarding.

We have two sons, Jack and Holden. Jack is 7-years-old and has just finished the first grade. He loves to read and make his own books. He is also a very talented artist. Jack has never met a stranger and is very social. Most of all though, Jack loves being a big brother. Holden was born in October 2017 and has brought so much joy into our house. He has a very laid back personality and is always smiling. He lights up any room he crawls into.

Our Home

Our home is 5 bedrooms and sits on ¾ of an acre with a large fishing pond in the backyard. The weekends in our neighborhood are always filled with fathers and sons fishing from their boats and children playing in the streets. It’s also not uncommon to see a golf cart of children drive by on their way to each other’s houses.

Our neighborhood is a very family-friendly place to live.It also feeds into an amazing school district, although we have been utilizing a nearby private Christian school for Jack.Education is very important to us and we want our children to be in the best school to meet their needs, whatever those may be.

Our Extended Family

Our family is big on both sides and we have relatives all over the United States. This means we get to travel…a lot! The boys have cousins who live in Houston and grandparents who live in Dallas, so Texas road trips are often. John’s mom loves the theater, so we have taken quite a few trips to New York City just to see Broadway plays. In fact, Jack is the only kid in his class who has a favorite Broadway show, School of Rock, and is looking forward to seeing Hamilton this summer in Chicago. John’s dad loves the outdoors and was thrilled to take Jack on his first fishing trip last spring.

Our Family Traditions

We celebrate all the traditional Christian holidays surrounded by lots of family and friends.Christmas is always at our house and Easter is always spent hunting eggs with our best friends’ kids.Most of our friends have kids all around the same age. It has been such a blessing and so much fun watching them all grow up together. We also try to take at least one big family vacation every year. Our favorite so far has been celebrating Jack and his cousin’s 5th birthdays at Disney World.

What Led Us To Adoption

Jack and Holden, who have brought so much to our lives that it defies description. They are our motivation and desire for adoption. We want to grow our family and feel like God is calling us in this direction.

Facts About Megan

  • Occupation: Financial Analyst
  • Religion: Christian
  • Education: Masters in Business
  • Favorite Food: Thai
  • Favorite Hobby: Netflix
  • Favorite Movie: Moulin Rouge
  • Favorite Sport: Basketball
  • Favorite Holiday: Halloween
  • Favorite Music Group: Meghan Trainor
  • Favorite TV Show: Friends
  • Favorite Book: The Great Gatsby
  • Favorite Subject in School: English
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: New York City

Facts About John

  • Occupation: Attorney
  • Religion: Christian
  • Education: Juris Doctor
  • Favorite Food: Sushi
  • Favorite Hobby: Carpentry
  • Favorite Movie: My Cousin Vinny
  • Favorite Sport: Football
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas
  • Favorite Music Group: Dropkick Murphy’s
  • Favorite TV Show: Modern Family
  • Favorite Book: History Novels
  • Favorite Subject in School: World History
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Big Cedar Lodge
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